Things You Can Publish When You Run Out of Ideas

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Blogging here and blogging there, there's no doubt that blogs are hard to maintain especially if you're just starting out as a Blogger, You try hard just to have something to post on your blog, or even try post some stuffs that are not related to your blog's niche.

if you’re struggling to catch up on the latest updates, or you just wanted to have sometime to "cool off" and/or you think you’re not much of a great writer either, then you try to post these ethical type of articles to give your readers some reasons to return to your blog.

Niche News

You can certainly opt for blogging popular news that are similar to what you blog about on your blog, you can visit Popular news site and get an Idea on what to publish on your blog, you could even use PopURLs, a news feed service of what's being "talked about" around the world.

Blog Updates

You can also blog about your blog's improvement over the period of time, such as your blog's design changes or the things that influenced your blog or something that would probably involved the improvement of your blog.

Personal Experiences

You could also share some things about yourself about your blogging life, how you got into this type of hobby, how you improved yourself with the past mistakes you've learned or even just an update about yourself as the author of your blog, this type of post strengthens your relationship build up with your blog readers.

Blog Monetization methods

Blogging about the monetization methods that you have successful with sure is a good choice to blog about, you can share to your readers some stuffs on how you monetized your blog and how it affect your blog's design or overall content.


Yes! you could also blog about this, just be sure not to boast about it but rather share some tips and tricks on how they, your blog readers could also earn with their blog.

Top Commentator

This option maybe unprofessional to others but honestly, these type of post will make a better relationship between you and your readers, it also encourages your visitors to leave some comments on your blog as they knew that they will be rewarded for doing it.

Blog of The Week

Yup! you can also post about other Blogs on your blog, this will build quality blogger relationship between you and the owner of that blog, it's more like helping him/her to promote about his/her blog, and may consider you as a friend and may also help you out on some stuffs that you need help.


Running contests on your blog sure is a good way to excite your readers and reward them for being loyal to your blog, if you have a decent amount of money or some stuffs that you can give for a prize, then consider running contests on your blog! or you can also opt for blogging about other blog contests.


Reviewing services or websites is also a good way to have an idea on what to post on your blog, you could blog about a review about some stuffs that are related to your blog's topic and some Ad networks out there pays you to review other blogs and stuffs.

Quote or Trivia

You could also publish a Quote or a Trivia that you have stumbled on the internet or on your past experiences, such as "Did you know?" facts or a nice quote that reflects your blog or a quote that others may find interesting to reflect on.


These are just "some" types of posts that you could use for your blog if your running out of an idea, and certainly there are other types you could create yourself and blog about.

Whatever your Blog's niche is, no doubt there’s always something you can write and post if you're running out of an Idea on what to Blog.

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