How To Add HTML Code On Blogs

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Web Language 

If you will dig dipper on how web sites are created you will know that it is made up of hundreds of words or so called HTML, HTML or Hyper-Text Mark-up Language is a set of tags or codes that is interpreted by a web browser to display a website.

HTMLs On Your Blog

Sometimes when you would like to add widgets on your blog, they will require you to insert a set of HTML codes on your website or blog, and it maybe confusing at first especially if your new to the blogging platform you use.

With the overwhelming aspects and configurations of different blogging platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress Joomla, Livejournal and Tumblr adding an HTML code can get you dizzy if your not familliar with it.

How To Add HTML on Your Blog

So Here are the steps on how you could insert HTML code on the blogging platform you are using.


Go To, Then Choose the Blog you want to insert the HTML code and click on "Design" --> Then click on "Add a Gadget" --> Then Choose and Click on HTML/JavaScript --> Then insert Your HTML code and optionally add a title then save.



Go to, Then hover to "My Account" and Click on "Global DashBoard" --> Then click on "My Blogs" --> Click your Blog --> on the left sidebar click on "Widgets" --> Now, Drag and drop the "Text" widget to your sidebar --> and then insert your HTML code.


Update: For Installed Wordpress system, Login To Your Wordpress account First -> Then when you are on your dashboard; Click on Appearance -> Next, Click on Widgets -> Now, Drag and drop the "Text" widget to your sidebar --> and then insert your HTML code.



Log into the administrator control panel --> Click on Article Manager --> Select an Article or Create a new one --> Click on "HTML" button -->Type your HTML into the HTML Source Editor or copy and paste your scripts into the box --> and lastly, clicked on Update then save.



Login to LiveJournal --> Hover on Journal Tab and Click on "Journal Style" --> and on the bottom part, click on "Customize Selected Theme" --> Click on "Sidebars" --> Then insert your HTML code on the "Content of custom block" field.


And that's it!


Getting more familiar with your blogging platform gives you an edge and easiness on your blogging life, things may seem overwhelming for you at first, but as you use your blogging platform, you will surely know how you could get around it very well.

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