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Missing those old days when the blogosphere were not much of a complicated and sophisticated world? Perhaps one of those features you miss is the classic plain looking and simple Classic Blogger Templates.


Classic Blogger Templates are the free default templates that is offered by blogger when starting up a blog, it is simple yet a very flexible template for designing your blog, but due to Blogger's recent updates , they have changed the default free templates to the new modern looking templates that you can use for your blog.


So just in case you missed those days of plain blogging, then you might try to download and install these Classic Blogger Templates on your Blogger blog. 



Minima White

The first and the most flexible blogger template to design from a scratch! Minima White blogger template offers a simple yet appealing to the eye design.




Minima Black

It's the black version of blogger's Minima White template, just in case you would prefer a dark design, simple and flexible blog, then this template is best for you. 




Minima Blue

Another form of the Minima Blogger template is the Minima Blue, The Bluish theme template would certainly make your blog unique and simple.





Minima Ochre

The yellowish version of of the Minima Template Series, It makes your blog have the Retro and Oldies look.





Son of Moto

Greenish blog template theme would be best for health type blog niche.







Pinkish blog template theme would suit perfectly to girly blogs.







Being fond of a simple but has some abstract design blogger template? Then the Dots blogger template will fit you right.





Dots Dark

The dark version of the abstractly designed blogger template would be best fitted if you like dark colored blogs.






TicTac Blogger template suits best for blogs with some random ramblings and thoughts, TicTac squares graphics would modify your blog's random ramblings.




Tic Tac Blue

Just another Tictac Blogger Template with a bluish design to meet your simple design needs.






Fond of Magazine templates? Denim blogger template makes your blog have a Digg like look.




Denim Washed

Denim washed is the white colored version of the denim template, best suited for magazine type of blog.




Denim Light

Denim Light features a bluish design of the Denim blogger template, if you want a light colored bluish theme design blog, then it's a good choice. 






The 897 Blogger template features a light designed blog theme that best appropriate for topic related to numbers.






Just like the 897 blogger template but with a greenish theme color and number designs.






Thisaway, an orange borwn theme blog template modifies the feel of a country side topic blog.





Thisaway Blue 

Thisaway Blue is the Bluish version of the Thisaway Blogger template.






Who says rounded corners where only for modern web design? Rounders Blogger template features rounded corners boxes for your blog's layout design.




Rounded 2 is a reddish theme version of the Rounders series blogger template that still offer rounded corners boxes for blog's layout.






The Blue and Green theme combination of the Rounders blog template series.





Sand Dollar 

Just a pure simple orange theme blogger template that is similar to the Minima Blogger Template.






Scribe blogger template feels like an ancient blog, it suits perfectly for history topics or a diary type of blogs.





Liven up your blog's memories and Happy Blogging!



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