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Having a blog can be useful and interesting. You can share your opinions, ideas or comments about something that interest you. But besides that, you could also get benefits and earn from your blog. How could that be? Simple! If you don't have any idea on how to make money on the blog, please consider using this idea to your blog.


Earn Money with Advertisements

Earning money through Advertisements from Ad networks would surely be a good choice to profit from your blog, You could try to register your site on the biggest Ad network by Google; Google Adsense. or other certified and high earning networks like Adbrite, Clicksor and Chitika.

You could earn money every time your visitor clicks the ad. and that means, if you have a lot of visitors or readers on your blog, then you have more chances of somebody clicking your ads.


Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing

Do you someone who have products that might work very well if you introduce it on your blog? Or do you want to share some reviews and comments about your favorite products on your blog? Then Affiliate Marketing would suit you best! 

Affiliate programs are another great way to earn money from blog. You just provide the link to your affiliate market, and let your visitor click. Your visitor will be linked to affiliate web, and if they follow the instruction or even purchase the product, you earn money.


Earn money with a Business Blog
Blog as journal or diary, also could be used as a business promotion tool. If you own a product or if you offer services, Then having a blog about your business would be best for you! 

You can sell and promote your product or service with your blog, And the best part is, you will have loyal readers that can turn into your loyal customers.

If it make sense for you to earn and profit from your blog, Then you can try one of  them or to combine all of them. You can choose and try how you would monetize your site and to see if you can earn money with that technique from your blog blog.

You! How would you profit from your blog? Share your views on comments below (It also works to comment as it will increase your traffic remember "Increase Traffic Through Comments" article?)

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