How to make your blog post memorable

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Ever wondered how those top ranking blogs have a lot of comments on their posts? What do you think separates a good content from a bad one? Well, they all have a blog post that "sticks" to your mind or that is memorable. Let's get to all of this by getting the right ideas from blogs with posts that sticks to our minds.


Make it intriguing

Make your post memorable to your readers by making them more controversial. Such as making some arguments or practical views over something. When you make your post more intriguing, you can expect your readers to be interactive to your blog post and in turn makes it more memorable.


Know your audience

You might think that getting to know more about your audience will have no sense when making your post more memorable, then your totally wrong! Knowing your readers will certainly make your post great, you will learn what type of topics they like to read more on your blog making all of your blog post worthy to read for them. 


Target your post correctly

If you want to make your post more memorable then you need to make sure that your post corresponds to what your readers like. And if you want to achieve this, you have to target your post correctly. Say, you have a blog about delicious food then having the common sense you should know that your readers are all interested on the food topic and thus creating a blog post with a different topic will surely make it insensible.

Keep it alive

Related to making your posts more intriguing, you should make sure to make your blog posts more interactive by keeping it alive. Always try to reply to all of your readers' comments to keep the discussion alive and making your post more worthwhile discussing.


Every blog has it's own niche that interests it's readers, by leveraging to that fact you can make your post more worthwhile for your readers to read and making it more memorable to them.


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