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151. SMS Depot


funny quotes, sms, and text messages

Tags: sms, text messages, quotes, funny


The Freakiest Weird Stuff On The Web

Tags: Freaky Stuff, Freaky Things, Weird Stuff, Bizarre Stuff, Odd News


This blog is to document the history of one woman, Megan Coker, who is young and needs some exercise.. in discipline, but can't really get her act together. This is her exploration.

Tags: life, questing, schizophrenia, humor, growth

154. Pop Farce


It's the place to find all of your favorite celebrities mocked, lambasted, skewered, and.. verbally molested. And like your favorite gossip magazines, (mostly) none of it is true.

Tags: Entertainment satire, Fake news stories, Celebrity profiles, Short stories, Funny articles


This blog aims to help everyone to realized their true potential within. A collection of email.. forwards, inspirational short stories, jokes, wit & wisdom.

Tags: inspirational short stories, corporate humor, quotes, thought change, positive attitude


Cartoons, Caricatures, CartoonStrips etc. by Cartoonist Chander/T.C. Chander (New Delhi, India) in.. Hindi. View in your Script/Language.

Tags: Jammu-Kashmir, Manmohan Singh, Chaidambaram, Haath, Cheen Yaatraa


My own private view about things on this Earth, focusing on my born-with obsessions: England,.. language, companies, art, medias, football, politics, girls, happy homosexuals and rare animals of.. Botswana.

Tags: england, art, sex, movie, politics


It's not a bird, it's not a plane. It's not a comic, it's not a blog... It's not even really that funny.

Tags: funny, humour, dogs, life, food


Our site offers lots of really funny pictures gallery, jokes, funny junk ,comedy and youtube.. videos.Also, there are some funny games in the game arcade too!

Tags: Funny Videos, Funny Photos, Funny Pictures, Funny Jokes, Funny Gallery


A view of contemporary politics and society through the eyes of Richard Nixon's ghost.

Tags: satire, political parody

161. GameView


A fascinating and introspective retrospective by people who have nothing to do with the video gaming.. industry. It's not real, but it may be relevant!

Tags: comedy, funny, satire, gaming, news


Witty blog filled with anecodotes, vignettes and fun stories/observations.

Tags: humor, funny, witty, story, fun


A blog about hating cinnamon, making mum jokes, bad dates and being propositioned by whores

Tags: London, New York, Film, Culture, Observations


The awful adventures of action figures: Pooping Red Guy, Jesus, Cook, and Freud. Plus, I talk about.. my life and family. Politically incorrect, mildly offensive, and something you probably don't.. want to read.

Tags: family, Chiari Malformation, Aspergers Syndrome, marriage, cats


Fardworld™ is a website where we share and you share! Send your Fard™ to us ! Anything.. funny,interesting & etc. And we will share it. You View and comment! Email to us now at..

Tags: Share, Funny, Videos, Pictures, Design


All the crazies love me, I'm like sugar to them... so they just assume I love them back. Guess what? I don't. Want proof? Read on.

Tags: Funny, Fun, Comedy, Life, Stories


Ready to Laugh's in a Painful Way. Here We Provide Scrap code For ORKUT and HI5... All About Humor,Laugh,Funny Pics,Funny Videos,Funny Scraps,Best Funny scraps,Funny Ads,Funny Banned.. ads,

Tags: Funny pics,, Funny Videos,, Funny Scraps, Funny


Toes, feet and painted nails photo blog all about feet varnished toe nails ankle braclets and toe.. rings

Tags: feet, toes, nails, ankle, varnish


With so much going on in our world, it can't all end up double-rainbows. When it goes wrong,.. it ends up here.

Tags: Funny, Fail, Pictures, Videos, Blooper


Hi! Welcome to my Laughter Is The Best Medicine bolg. Here I just collect all the jokes that I.. recieved from my friends from all around the world.

Tags: humour, comedy, jokes, funny


Published novelist and children's book author K.S. Brooks blogs about subjects ranging from.. working on a pirate ship to eating salmon and from Star Trek to free-range cattle, always with.. humor.

Tags: satire, comedy, creative writing, funny, original stories


Finding humor in life's fragile moments. Guaranteed to make you laugh, think and cry.

Tags: Humor, women, love, life, friendship


We've all encountered a workplace psycho or nutjob. The Nose Picker, Home Wrecker, Lush, Scary.. Guy or whatever - we want to hear about it! The names and company names of the guilty parties will.. be changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Tags: coworkers, workplace, insanity, bosses, office

174. On Fun


We have all kind of Dirty, Adult & Sexy Non Veg Jokes In Hindi, English Language. Daily Desi.. Masala Jokes by mail. Subscribe to get jokes daily in your mail

Tags: I Fun, If Fun, In Fun, On Fun, Is Fun Only


It's Gonzo meets Hee Haw, as Montana honky tonker Bob Wire holds forth on a unique life filled.. with music, parenthood, drinking, working, marriage, drinking, and just navigating the twisted.. wreckage of American culture.

Tags: parenting, satire, music, irreverent, drinking


I am the only son of Deaf parents. I went to college and somehow fell into being an interpreter. I.. somehow captured the heart of a beautiful lady and had did this all happen?

Tags: CODA, Deaf, Interpreting, ASL


Observational humor on a variety of subjects. Post subjects include: a sarcastic open letter to.. ambulance chasing lawyers, a suggestion that zombies could be the answer to our obesity problem, and.. more

Tags: random humor, observational humor, internet humor, funny articles, funny blogs

Follow has cool collection of Love sms Funny sms Urdu sms Hindi sms Birthday sms.. Friendship sms Islamic sms Eid Mubarak Independence day sms.

Tags: funny sms, love sms, urdu sms, hindi sms, birthday sms messages


The bloge about funny cats pictures,funny dog pictures,funny peoples pictures,funny faces,funny.. cars and indian funny peoples

Tags: funny cats pictures, funny dog pictures, funny faces, funny peoples, funny animals


A freelance journalist and broadcaster who left England for Canada tells the folks back home how.. strange it all is.

Tags: travel, arts, personal, lifestyle, outdoors

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