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Opinions, Smart tips and Informations from a Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia

Tags: OFW, Saudi, Law, Pinoy, expat

2. Ash-Ong


Ang Pangmalakasang Kwento ng Buhay | Asthon John's Daily Thoughts, Experiences and other Stuff

Tags: personal, lifestyle, experiences, thoughts, ash-ong


Personal blogs by Jobe Garcia

Tags: News, JG Files Daily, Jobe Garcia


A blog that discusses everything under the sun.

Tags: Gadgets, Tips, Internet, Entertainment, Computer


I am not a doctor but you can call me Doctor Eamer. #LOVEisBLOG

Tags: pag-ibig, love, Christian, tagalog


An online diary meant to be shared to everyone.

Tags: random, anything under the sun, rants, life, experience


My personal blog containing 10+ years worth of stories, life experiences, and interesting anecdotes... If your mind wants to roam and wander free, it would be an honor if you started with my blog.

Tags: stories, advice, reviews, melancholic, inspirational


sometimes what we wish today might not be what we really wanted when it is already granted.

Tags: wishes, causes, life, warning, reminder


A blog that caters pleasure of life. Latest news and trends in the internet. Blog that contains.. humor, sports and will drive your imagination beyond its limit.

Tags: Latest Pinay Sex Scandals, Latest Pinoy Sports, Pinoy Text Jokes, Facebook Scandals, News and Trends


everyday happen to my life...

11. Banaag


Mga di mawaring tugon sa mga di mawaring katanungan.

Tags: rants, random, musings


Let every scribble reverberate the stories of your life. Let every memento relive the memories of.. your past. Let my every dream be yours as well. Be invincible, be KEVinspired.

Tags: Points of View, Kevincible, Personal, Inspiration, Be KEVinspired

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