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OreImo’s Kirino Kousaka Returns in “There’s No Way My Little Sister Can Be Campaign Girl For 18-Year-Old Voting”

File this one under “Sasuga, Japan.” OreImo’s Kirino Kousaka returns along with his siscon brother in an upcoming book titled “There’s No Way My Little Sister Can Be Campaign Girl […] The post OreImo’s Kirino...
by The Fanboy SEO on Feb 10, 2016

Valentines Day Gifts for Wife

Valentines Day Gifts for Wife – For the most sentimental day of the year you truly need to ruin your wife with the ideal blessing. Whether you’re searching for something a bit Naughty you’ll see it here.   The post Valentines D...
by Pukhraj Stone on Feb 10, 2015

BREAKING VIDEO: 18 yo Michael Brown Smashed Officer Wilson’s Face! Over A Dozen Witnesses Confirm.

Ct Patriot: Ok, Now this adds a new spin to this story. I’ll admit this story has had more than a few left turns. I’m Just going along for the ride like the rest of you, hoping to find out the truth behind the bs. But this does seem to be...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Aug 19, 2014

“Thug” Michael Brown’s Shooting Has the Police State Armed and Ready! (VIOLENT VIDEO)

 Ct Patriot: This is exactly what the Big Brother police state wants. Us divided, ready to kill each other. While they sit back and watch. And Smile. SHOWDOWN: BLACK ACTIVISTS GO HEAD-TO-HEAD AGAINST FERGUSON RIOT POLICE   Over 80 riot police prepa...
by Ct Patriots Blog on Aug 16, 2014

Hispanic men win the world’s cup for abusive men, husbands, boyfriends and fathers

and they run a close tie with black men who are equally abusive towards their women and other women who might get in their way. I have known so many dangerous hispanic men who played their women against each other … Continue reading →...
by on Jun 16, 2014

Student suspended for asking Miss America out!

You have to like the boldness about this kid! Apparently a few days ago a kid was told not to ask a guest to the prom at a Pennsylvania school during an event. Not surprising, the kid did not listen and asked anyway! The kid would later admit that he...
by on Apr 21, 2014

Video: Kanye West Beats Up 18 Year Old Man For Calling Kim Kardashian A ‘N-Word Lover’

This story is kind of strange but it’s breaking out of Beverly Hills. According to TMZ Kanye West flew off the hinge and allegedly assaulted an 18 year old man for calling his fiance, Kim Kardashian a ‘nigger lover’. According witne...
by New Hip Hop Music on Jan 15, 2014

Tomatin Receives Extraordinary Ultimate Recommendation At Ultimate Sprits Challenge

One of Tomatin Distillery’s single malt Scotch whiskies has received an “Extraordinary Ultimate Recommendation” accolade in this year’s Ultimate Sprits Challenge (USC), held in New York between 5th and 9th March 2012. The Tomatin 18 year old...
by Sartorial Life on Mar 21, 2012

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