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How to be Energy Efficient with Washing Machine and Reduce the Usage of Water?

We have talked about being energy efficient with your refrigerators last month, now let’s discuss another very common home appliance, the WASHING MACHINE. Yes we all have one in our home and we all know how to use it, we literally have been using t...
by NATHERS Blog on Dec 5, 2016

Let’s Build a Home Which Runs on Nature

We are in an age where each of our households consume a large amount of energy to make our living comfortable. We cool our houses in summer and heat it up again in winter. All these happens with the push of a button and we do not even realise what is...
by Nathers Blog on Aug 15, 2016

Comfortable Homes With NATHERS Rating

To make living more comfortable and save your unnecessary energy related costs NATHERS brings you the ultimate energy efficiency rating solution! Based in Victoria, Australia, NATHERS is a energy rating and consultancy company who provides energy man...
by NATHERS Blog on Jul 10, 2016

Saving Our World: Beginning from Our Homes

We have been granted a prize and an opportunity, to live on this extraordinary blue world, feeding on its vast resources. For millions of years, our ancestors have co-existed within this habitat without much impact either on its ecology or its enviro...
by Nathers Blog on Jun 15, 2016

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