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[7th Sea] Lessons from GMing My First Session

On Friday I ran my first session of 7th Sea from the GM's side of the table. I felt I was fairly prepared, having been doing little but thinking about GMing 7th Sea since it came out, and participating in various discussions. Still, as anyone wh...
by Reality Refracted on Sep 5, 2016

[7th Sea] Building a Villain To Build an Adventure

We had a bit of bad news in our gaming group. The GM for our 7th Sea game won't be able to join us around the table for the foreseeable future. Their life is just swimmingly busy. In an effort to keep the group together I volunteered to take over GMi...
by Reality Refracted on Sep 2, 2016

7th Sea: Core Resolution vs. Dramatic Sequence

On Monday we talked about three of the big things involved in GMing 7th Sea. Today I want to talk to the 'how' you handle those things at the table. I don't mean what you say and do, but the mechanics in place that lets you place conflict before the...
by Reality Refracted on Aug 17, 2016

7th Sea 2nd Edition: GMing, Brute Squads, & Villains

One of the things I was most excited for at GenCon this year was 7th Sea. They had copies of the book there for sale, people running sessions of the game, and even several of the designers present to talk to. I must've stopped by the John Wick Presen...
by Reality Refracted on Aug 15, 2016

7th Sea - First Impressions

On Friday we had our first session of 7th Sea. It was an interesting session with two new members to the group, and a game that no one in our group had any ground in. Over all the session was a great first session, and everyone brought interesti...
by Reality Refracted on Jun 27, 2016

7th Sea: A Different Kind of Character Progression

The 7th Sea Second Edition PDF is on sale now at Drive Thru RPG. One of the fun things - for me at least - about the system is how much the system does different from other games I've been exposed to. I'm not saying it's the most unique game out on t...
by Reality Refracted on Jun 22, 2016

Move Then Roll vs. Roll Then Move

One of the aspects of the new 7th Sea RPG I'm looking forward to is the rolling system. It's been under a lot of scrutiny for fans, and seems to be a polarizing element. Some people hate it, seeing it as making failure a thing of the past and overloa...
by Reality Refracted on Apr 27, 2016

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