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The food reduces the IQ of children

Some foods even color and taste delicious but easy to reduce a child’s IQ. Gum Some mothers during pregnancy have a habit of chewing gum, but the gum is kind of junk food is not suitable for pregnant women. Not only that, the gum also contains...
by exercises and pregnancy on Mar 20, 2013

Treat Back Pain By Taking These Vitamins

Anyone can experience back pain, and those who do experience it will certainly feel discomfort so that they will do what they can to treat this annoying problem. There are many ways to treat a back pain, and one of them is by consuming some vitamins.
by Ibloghealth on Apr 2, 2011

Vitamins and Minerals Necessary for Back Pain

Back pain conditions can be treated by consuming some vitamins. Back pain is a condition that can be experienced by[.....]...
by Health Tips For Perfect Health on Mar 31, 2011

D Vitamin The New Super Vitamin

There has been much new information about Vitamin D the past few years and the studies keep coming. This vital vitamin is now believed to have a role in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, possibly autism, infections, and the list keeps growing. This is...
by Fabian Davila on Feb 10, 2011

Bone Up On Vitamin D

Weak bones fragile and vulnerable to fractures, these are some of the painful consequences of debilitating bone disease, osteoporosis. Currently, 10 million people suffer from osteoporosis in the United States and another 34 million are at risk of de...
by maileable on Jun 17, 2010

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