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Open Question: Adive anyone? Losing stomache fat.?

Home >All Categories > Health >Diet & Fitness >Open QuestionHello. So my b-day is coming up on Jun 22, and well I know it's to late for me to start trying to lose weight. Well actually it's never late but you know what I mean I had a certain goal and...
by Diet & Fitness on Apr 20, 2011

Where can I find scholarships for a non traditional student?

I am looking for scholarships for non traditional students. Other than a web site called fastweb I’ve run out of options. I’m a lil weary of these websites out here due to all the scams thats go one so I really need some adive. Please hel...
by Man in Chair on Feb 2, 2011

struggling with weight any adive please help

Struggling with weight any adive? please help!? hi im a 16 year old female and weigh 180 pounds i have struggled with my weight since i was a toddler unfrotunatly i got the shitty gene and my brother and sister managed to escape it. i feel like im su...

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