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Highlights of the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit

After the Laguna Blogging Summit, I attended the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit. Am I a summit addict now? I guess ever since I attended iBlog8: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit, I’m like, I want more! The Cybercrime Law The hottest to...
by Age of the Diary on Oct 11, 2012

The Philippine Government is Crying Ceasefire

According to sources, hackers also have attacked government sites that deliver emergency information during natural disasters due to the controversial cybercrime law. The Philippine government appealed for a stop to the attacks on the websites and...
by IamCeekeigh on Oct 7, 2012

“Though shall not fear the cybercrime law”, the Palace said.

According to the Malacanang Palace, it is the hackers and not the government whose depriving Filipinos of internet access. This is amid the protests against the Cybercrime Prevention Act which took effect Wednesday. On a statement by Presidential S...
by IamCeekeigh on Oct 3, 2012

Understanding Republic Act No. 10175

It’s all over the social networking sites – RA 10175 is another Martial Law in the making. This law would definitely affect the 26 to 30 million Filipinos, who regularly access the Internet to upload information through personal blogs, w...
by IamCeekeigh on Oct 2, 2012

Phils. Anti- Cybercrime Law: A threat to social media users freedom of Speech?

September 12 was the date Pres. Aquino signed the anti-cybercrime law, The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Many social media users specially bloggers decry the stipulations of this law. According to them, the fear of the implications from the new...
by Overseas Filipino Worker on Oct 2, 2012

The Anti-cybercrime Law in the Philippines

On September 12, 2012, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has signed and approved Republic Act No. 10175, known as the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012″ or commonly known by the netizens as the Anti-cybercrime Law in the Philippines.
by Business Tips Philippines on Sep 25, 2012

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