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Difference between Avant browser and Maxthon browser.

Avant Explorer is a simple Web browser, it is personal and thoughtful. Pioneer Explorer is a standalone application designed to expand the possibilities offered by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The plan contains a number of interesting features: Clo...
by Avant Explorer on Jul 13, 2009

Avant Browser 11.7 build 35

Avant Explorer is an independent application, seeks to extend the functionality provided by Internet Explorer. It adds a lot of features and functionality to IE browser and user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency, your b...
by Avant Explorer on Jul 8, 2009

Avant Browser - Navigation & Feature Option.

Avant Browser is a multi-browser with unique features that make it possible for this browser, one of your favorites.Avant Browser is based on the engine of Internet Explorer, it keeps all its configuration and offers: Stop Pop-up: Removes annoying po...
by Avant Explorer on Jul 3, 2009

Avant Browser 11.7 build 321997

Che Anderson, founder and sole werknemenr of Avant Force, has a new version of Avant Browser the door done. This web browser is part of Internet Explorer, but adds additional functionality such as a pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing, a search and the p...
by Avant Explorer on Jun 29, 2009

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