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How is the type of hip surgery needed determined?

My husband broke his hip in a skiing accident this morning. He’s in surgery now. They didn’t know what kind of operation he would have — he could even end up with a total hip replacement. How is this decided, anyway? Age of the pati...
by Naples Orthopedic Surgeon on Jan 28, 2013

“Softdrink” cause arthritis?

Arthritis is one of arthritic disease caused by increased uric acid levels and lots of attacking women in the age of menopause. A study which lasted for 12 years in Canada found that the 2 medium-size cans of softdrink can increase the risk of arthri...
by Health and Life on Dec 20, 2009

Did You Know That Omega 3 is Recommended For Your Puppy’s Health Now?

Yes, Omega 3 for puppies health is now being recommended. This is to ensure that mans best friend has a healthy body and mind. Dogs can not manufacture these essential fatty acids themselves, they must obtain them from the food they eat, so it is up...

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