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Ashton Shepherd – Look It Up Lyrics

Ashton Shepherd – Look It Up Lyrics The word is faithful, look it up It don’t mean sneakin’ around Behind my back like you ain’t gettin’ enough How ’bout forever, just look it up It means through thick and thin and Pitchin’ in even...
by The Lyrics on Oct 8, 2011

Ashton Shepherd Welcomes Daughter Raden Delilah

Country singer Ashton Shepherd has something new to sing about: She and husband Roland Cunningham welcomed a daughter, Raden Delilah Cunningham, on Friday, Sept. 9, a rep for the singer tells PEOPLE. The new baby, born in Demopolis, Ala. and measurin...
by TweenLik Live on Sep 9, 2011

Music Review: Look It Up (EP) by Ashton Shepherd

This Alabama girl is country as the day is long and her music reflects that. She’s got a solid and deeply country voice and appears to be staying true to...

Ashton Shepherd - Look It Up

Ashton Shepherd is back! This time with her brand new official music video for her new hit single "Look It Up". Artist: Ashton Shepherd Title: Look It Up Genre: Country Fun fact: According to Mediabase, “Look It Up” is the secon...
by on Jan 8, 2011

Top 5 Albums of 08

It is always tough to come up with your favorite five albums of the year, especially this year when there were some good albums that came out but nothing that was a classic by any means. Here are our top five albums of 2008 with a good mix of traditi...
by Nashville4U on Dec 28, 2008

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