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Incidence of autism in Berkshire

A Reading Borough Council report has shown that the incidence of autism in a borough of Reading, Tilehurst has increased over a period of eight years (2000 – 2008) from 68 to 186, more than doubling. Lets put these figures in context of a few t...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Sep 29, 2010

The Age of Autism before thimerosal

Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill have written a book, The Age of Autism. It expands on Mr. Olmsted’s UPI series of the same name and uses the same logic: build a narrative that links mercury to illnesses and claim this as proof that mercury is the...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Sep 27, 2010

Safeminds comments on the latest thimerosal-autism study

SafeMinds is an organization which has long promoted the idea that thimerosal caused an autism epidemic. They may be the single greatest force that got the idea into the public’s eye, and got research funding focused on looking at the question.
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Sep 20, 2010

The autism ‘epidemic’ no more

OK, so its well known to LBRB readers that I don’t think its ever been scientifically established that there has been such a thing as an autism epidemic but even so, looking at why autism numbers have changed over a certain period of time ̵...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Aug 17, 2010

David Kirby: No friend to my autistic kid

David Kirby is certainly no friend to my autistic child. I don’t know why I let David Kirby annoy me. It is a pretty safe bet that whenever he blogs he will write something that rubs me the wrong way. Whether it is his clear lack of science...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Oct 27, 2009

Autism Epidemic? Not in the NSCH data

There is an epidemic of vaccine-induced autism. Must be, we’ve been hearing this for about 10 years. During that time, many datasets have been manipulated to “prove” the epidemic. The two datasets that come to mind most readily are...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Aug 17, 2009

Evidence of autism recovery

There’s evidence of autism recovery on a vast scale. That is what we are being told by bloggers covering the latest survey from the National Survey of Children’s Health. The survey showed that some parents are told that their kid is aut...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Aug 14, 2009

It’s time for David Kirby to disavow the autism epidemic

The idea that mercury caused an epidemic of autism is both wrong and very damaging to the autism communities. Many contributed to this damaging notion., but David Kirby without a doubt carries a good quantity of the blame for his book “Evidenc...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Aug 3, 2009

New autism prevalence 1.5% in UK

A new study published (officially) tomorrow discusses ‘Prevalence of autism-spectrum conditions: UK school-based population study’. Its an interesting study for quite a few reasons. Firstly, it offers a new autism prevalence of 1.5% (1...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on May 31, 2009

Thrown under the bus…but for a good cause, right?

America is a wonderful place. Where else can someone publish absolute garbage, refuse to retract it, accuse the government of being involved in a massive conspiracy—and still end up on a government committee? I am speaking of Lyn Redwood. S...
by Left Brain/Right Brain on Apr 21, 2009

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