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Enter To Win a $75 Gift Card for LALABU! #12DaysofChristmasGiveaways

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a $75 Gift Card for Lalabu! Being a babywearing connoisseur and fanatic, I get asked a lot of questions about babywearing. I can not hear from Facebook friends for years, but suddenly they...
by The Fashionable Housewife on Dec 3, 2016

The Fourth Trimester

I've always dreamed of having a baby of my own. There's just that burning desire in me ever since I was mature enough to think about having kids. I used to say, by age 25, I'll have a baby. But when I turned 25, it didn't happen. Then I adjusted the...
by Thoughtful Hen on Jul 28, 2016

Getting muddy but having fun

Despite the heavy rain that we have been seeing a lot of recently, we decided we would spend a day with family and visit a local transport event at the weekend. We saw a lot of rain, mud and miserable looking visitors but despite the horrid weather w...
by Training Mummy on Jul 11, 2016

Day 30 - #30DaysWild

Today was a busy day, with toddlers in the morning an dancing in the afternoon. We cycled up to toddlers, which is becoming my favourite method of transport these days, and I am finding that I am finding it easier and easier to do these days.After da...
by Training Mummy on Jun 30, 2016

Day 29 - #30DaysWild

Finding Oor WullieA couple of days ago Dundee became awash with Oor Wullies, when over 50 Wullie were dotted about the city (and a few placed in close by towns). We started our Oor Wullie bucket Trail today when we found four of the 4ft Oor Wull...
by Training Mummy on Jun 29, 2016

Day 27 - #30DaysWild

Forfar LochI have been meaning to go on this walk for a while now but just haven't had time, or been able to, but today I decided that since it was a nice day and I was not in a hurry to be anywhere that me and the kids would walk around Forfar Loch.
by Training Mummy on Jun 27, 2016

Day 25 - #30DaysWild

I hear thunderToday M and F experiences their first force of nature that is thunder and lightening and she was not impressed. Not impressed at all. F slept through most of it, totally oblivious of it, even when it was some of the loudest thunder I ha...
by Training Mummy on Jun 25, 2016

Day 23 - #30DaysWild

Outside is better than insideBefore having the dogs and kids I will admit that I barely went outside, preferring to stay indoors instead. I don't know why, habit I guess. I then moved house and got myself a garden and I suddenly realised that I love...
by Training Mummy on Jun 23, 2016

Day 22 - #30DaysWild

A riverside walkDon't you just love it when you realise that one of your favourite walks has become a little more children friendly? Well that happened to us this week when we realised that we can get down to the river just down the road from us, wit...
by Training Mummy on Jun 22, 2016

Day 20 - #30DaysWild

Realising just how beautiful my surroundings areBefore taking park in the #30DaysWild challenge I was not aware of how wonderful my surroundings are. Yes I went for walks almost every day but I did no with my eyes closed. This challenge has made me r...
by Training Mummy on Jun 20, 2016

Day 19 - #30DaysWild

Garden fun for Father's DayToday we had a nice relaxed day for Father's Day. We got up and had a walk to the shop for bacon which was lovely. M took her bike and hubby took Fraser in the back carrier, which Fraser absolutely loved! It is great as it...
by Training Mummy on Jun 19, 2016

Day 18 - #30DaysWild

A biking adventureWe had sun! Yup you saw that right, SUN! It has been a while but today was a day all about getting washing out and dried, playing outdoors, and a dry walk. It was such a change from the torrential rainfalls that we have been seeing...
by Training Mummy on Jun 18, 2016

Product Review: LapBaby

LapBaby allows you to sit in comfort with your baby, remaining with both hands free, while you carryout everyday seated activities such as eating and working on your laptop. … More Product Review: LapBaby...
by First Time Dad on May 21, 2016

Papoozle makes baby wearing so easy and comfortable

Comfortable even after a c-sectionWhen I had M I touched upon baby wearing a little and I loved it but sadly I really got into it just as I fell pregnant so I didn't really do it for long. When F arrived I decided I was going to wear him from the wor...
by Training Mummy on May 20, 2016

Last days to get my parenting ebooks on sale!

A gentle reminder that the deep discount on my three parenting ebooks is coming to a close. The countdown is on!Right now they're at these prices:The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing: Baby Carriers Made Simple — $3.99What Will We Learn Today?
by Hobo Mama on May 13, 2016

Myth busting babywearing

Some things are just too wrong not to talk aboutI was recently browsing a thread on an online parenting forums and came across thread where people were commenting on babywearing and how unsuitable it is. I was gobsmacked at the comments, knowing that...
by Training Mummy on Apr 23, 2016

Wrapy : A Babywearing Product Review

Hi there! I didn’t want to make a fuss about this before, because I honestly didn’t know how it was going to go. I am 100% dedicated to you, my audience, and do not want to endorse something that I feel is not a good product or service. L...
by New Crunchy Mom on Dec 7, 2015

Nunamoochie Woven Wrap Giveaway, Ends 11/15

Nunamoochie Woven Wrap Giveaway  Nunamoochie is a fun, family business that makes gorgeous luxury wraps that people can actually afford! They choose only the highest quality materials and even hand finish each wrap to ensure perfection every t...
by Nanny to Mommy on Nov 1, 2015

Daddy Going to Work

If you would like to send chocolate, and non-alcoholic beverages, I would be extremely appreciative. The post Daddy Going to Work appeared first on New Crunchy Mom.
by New Crunchy Mom on Oct 27, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge or Ok Raccoon Hotel?

Have you been to Great Wolf Lodge,the indoor water park-slash-hotel?We went for the first time this fallwith a homeschooling group(fabulously discounted!),and it was a ton o' watery fun,even for our three non-swimmers.Here's a splish-splashy video:I...
by Hobo Mama on Oct 14, 2015

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