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Do You Need a Budget if You’re Rich?

One of the things that always irks me is when people associate budgeting with being poor. That’s why when people say, “I can’t do that. I’m on a budget,” instantly people think it... Read More The post Do You Need a Bud...
by Frugal Rules on Mar 3, 2015

Are you rich just because you are debt free?

MONEY STILL HAS TO BE EARNED   Do you want to know how to be famous around people you know? Tell them you are debt free and have no mortgage to pay and you’ve just become the rich person you never knew you were. I know it’s crazy but...
by CanadianBudgetBinder on May 19, 2014

Being Rich

A rich millionaire throws a massive party for his 50th birthday. During this party, he grabs the microphone and announces to his guests that down in the garden of his mansion he has a swimming pool with two great white sharks in it."I will give anyth...
by n-yo-face on Dec 18, 2013

Is Getting Rich Worth It?

I made $15m in my mid-20s after I sold a tech startup. I talked to a lot of people about this question, and thought a lot about how to stay the same person I was before and after making money. Here’s my answer: being rich is better than not bei...
by Wealthymatters on Aug 15, 2013

Billionaires Feeling the Pang of Guilt and Social Injustice

Although I find it highly unlikely and implausible, not to say impossible, that any billionaires will ever read this – the poor reflections of a penniless philosopher - I want to start with a (rhetorical) question aimed at the super-wealthy: How mu...
by Arash's World on Oct 13, 2012

The Good, Being Wealthy Can Do

We’ve all seen the classic representation of the wealthy constantly monitoring their wealth and always trying to make a buck.  In such depictions of the wealthy, one could believe that the rich are actually a very small-minded, unintelligent g...
by Money Reasons on Mar 9, 2012

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