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Big Billy Goes to CIA

Agent: This is your final question and decides your future in CIA...Imagine you are in a room with no windows and no doors and the room catches fire, now Billy how will you get out??Billy (After taking his time): By stop imagining ?_?Agent: 0_0...
by Alpha-Jokes on Sep 17, 2011

Big Billy back in Action..

Big billy tired of unemployment made a gang and decided to rob a bank...Next morning they robbed a bank...On breaking in the vault they found some bottles with a mystical fluid of odd smell...Big billy drank a bottle and shared with his gang...They w...
by Alpha-Jokes on Jun 3, 2011


Big Billy went to new york for the first time, while wandering here and there he saw a building on fire...Big Billy thought it's the right time to put use of his body building skills..HE went there and asked  the people to jump down assuring the...
by Alpha-Jokes on Apr 16, 2011

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