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Does counter-intelligence cancel intelligence?

What is an official seal? An official seal is a logo of officialdom that a government agency affixes to its reports as a colorful symbol of its bureaucratic existence and, therefore, of its excellence. Once upon a time, one of America’s intelligenc...
by on May 10, 2012

Hot spy! But Russian spy Anna Chapman hasn’t endorsed

Nope, she really hasn’t. Russian spy Anna Chapman hasn’t endorsed But because that which constitutes Secret Comedy includes any clandestinely cute confabulation of comical covertness, or anything funny in a secret sort o...
by on May 8, 2012

Washington Spy Tourism: The Octopus Is Utterly Delicious

Washington, D.C., has long attracted unto itself colorful bureaucrats and blank politicians, lobbyists and lobby-doormen, lawyers and the attorneys of lawyers, party hacks and party animals, journalists and spin-meisters, scandal-mongers and power-sm...
by on Apr 16, 2012

Washington Spy Tourism: The Security of the Slum

When I was first hired as a spy, I didn’t know where our secret Headquarters was located. (Imagine that: a secret Headquarters which really is secret.) Fortunately, I had a mentor who walked me there. “You know, Reggie,” he said as we walked th...
by on Jul 30, 2011

Trivia about trivia isn’t trivial

At this point in our relationship, my dear reader, I already know you to be a person of supremely admirable qualities. I know because you are reading this blog. You are rare indeed. Really. Do you know that fifty percent of human beings — a stagger...
by on Jun 15, 2011

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