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Some Basic Tips For BlackBerry Phones

Move to a list item or menu item:- Type the first letter of the item Switch applications:- Press and hold the (insert BB data flow symbol key) key Move back a screen:- Press the Escape key Return to the Home screen or application list:- Press the...
by Trick Stream on Feb 21, 2011

Messaging Tips For BlackBerry Phones

In A Message  Press The Following Keys: Press L: Reply to all in an email message or a PIN message Press R: Reply to a message Press F: Forwarding a received message In a message list Press The Following Keys: Press C: Compose...
by Trick Stream on Feb 21, 2011

Different Phone Options For BlackBerry Phones

Answer a call: Press the Send key View your contact list in the phone application: Press the Send key Check your voice mail: Hold 1 Add an extension to a phone number: Press the Alt key and the X key Type the extension number Turn on the sp...
by Trick Stream on Feb 21, 2011

Camera and Video Operating Tips For BlackBerry Mobiles

Press the Right Convenience Key: Take a picture Press the Space key: Change the flash mode for a picture or to turn on low-light mode for a video Media Options Press the Mute key: Pause a song or video Press the Mute key: Resume playing a video o...
by Trick Stream on Feb 21, 2011

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