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Different Stages Of Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer actually can be staged in two different stages. These are :1. Clinical Stage : This is the stage in which the doctor has the best chance of diagonising the cancer. The diagonosis is usually done using the results obatined during routin...
by All Type Of Cancer Diseases on Mar 24, 2016

Staging of Bladder Cancer

Different systems for staging of Bladder Cancer  :1. The AJCC TNM staging system for bladder cancer :A system desinged to stage cancer helps the doctor’s to determine the spread of the cancer and take care and cure steps for the patient accord...
by All Type Of Cancer Diseases on Mar 22, 2016

Bladder Cancer Stages

Bladder Cancer Staging :There are different stages in which the bladder cancer is divided. The greater the stage number, the more advanced is the cancer. The following system of staging the bladder cancer is used internationally to stage the bladder...
by All Type Of Cancer Diseases on Mar 18, 2016

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