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It's been a week, so have you joined me on Medium yet?

I closed the curtain on further activity here last Friday, after 10 years on Blogger. If you're somehow not aware yet, Dan's Media Digest now has a new home's great to already see some familiar names joining me...
by Dan's Media Digest on Apr 29, 2016

Dan's Media Digest is 10 Years Old

DMD - circa 2007Insane. Dan's Media Digest turns 10 years old today. One-zero. A decade has passed. Astonishing. Oh, and a little frightening. You don't start writing a blog with the serious belief you'll still be writing it all those years later. It...
by Dan's Media Digest on Mar 20, 2016

Five Reasons Blogging Is My Passion

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not perfect at blogging every day. Just yesterday, I missed my normal posting. That makes two Mondays in a row that I’ve failed to upload a post. And while I can make the excuse that I’ve had a...
by Mars Gone Mad on Nov 3, 2015

What Should an Online Article Cost? [Infographic]

This goes to my wonderful readers as well as my freelancing colleagues. I was scouring through the web, I found this great infographic and my inner instinct urged me to share it with you. Have you ever asked yourself how much should an online article...
by Virtual Helpmate on Oct 24, 2015

Get Paid Money to Write Articles with HireWriters

Do you want to get paid real money to write articles or blog posts for clients from the comfort of your home? I will be highlighting some of the unique features that the HireWriters website has to offer for both the amateur or professional writer loo...

For All The Pet Lovers Among Us

Hi everyone. As many of you know, I am a pet lover. I am currently watching a friend’s two is a two-year old puppy and the other a beloved 15-year old dog. Let me say..I’m on the same wave length as the one with extended longevi...
by Booktoots' Healing on Aug 2, 2015

5 Tips on How to Write for Blogs

Writing articles for your blog is an essential part of the entire blog process. Let your readers get to know you first and foremost. Be yourself as you write and your personality will shine through. Engage your readers with your… Continue Readi...
by My Fashion E-Mall Blog on Jun 4, 2015

How Do You Blog Without Having to Blog? Blogging Made Easy

If you suck at blogging, are spending hours and hours on it, or you're now starting, then get your hands on this brand new tool that shows you how to blog without blogging?

Fokus SEO 2015 Yang Mesti Diperhatikan Semua Blogger

Tahun 2015 adalah tahun puncak Blogging dan Social Media, menurut hemat saya. Memang, di 2013 - 2014, sejak mobile usage sudah menjadi hal lumrah, geliat dunia social media sangat luar biasa. Disusul kemudian oleh blogging (yang notabene platform awa...
by Bukan(n) Rahasia Lagi! on Feb 2, 2015

Blog Writing Tips for Great and SEO Friendly Posts

Writing unique and quality blog posts matters a lot. Following great writing tips is essential for enhancing the user experience and SEO of your blog. People hate generic type of content. People love blog posts that are unique, resourceful, and writ...
by BloggingForDollarz on Jan 21, 2015

5 Pertanyaan Penting Sebelum Menulis Artikel Blog

Dulu saya pernah menulis tentang "pertanyaan yang harus diajukan sebelum menerbitkan artikel", yang kaitannya dengan hal-hal bersifat teknis; misalnya penggunaan gambar, cek ejaan, naturalisasi, dan sejenisnya. Dalam kesempatan ini, saya ingin member...
by Bukan(n) Rahasia Lagi! on Jan 17, 2015

5 Best Ways to Challenge Top Bloggers

I have already written several times about to start blogging, writing mistakes, sponsor your blogs, monetize blogs etc but this is very first time that I am going to write about a topic one can not dare to because by doing this I am openly giving oth...
by My Own Stories on Jan 5, 2015

How to Get Links to Your Freelance Writing Blog

Freelance writing or blogging allows you to be creative and spend time honing your writing skills. A freelance writing blog lets you have an online presence and reach if you are willing to understand the importance of link building. Link building is...
by BloggingForDollarz on Dec 10, 2014

How to find the motivation to write

I’ve been trying to write more frequently for several weeks now and have made an effort to post here… The post How to find the motivation to write appeared first on Marie Away.
by Marie Away on Nov 10, 2014

Writing Blogs: 10 Key Elements Of An Engaging Blog

In this digital age, information is key, to be more precise, accurate timely information. A lot of people have turned to writing blogs to provide information on a subject they are passionate or knowledgeable about. A study of the most engaging blogs...
by Business Banter on Oct 10, 2014

Bagaimana AirAsia Mengubah Hidup Saya

Dulunya saya berpikir bahwa airline yang satu ini memiliki cara kerja yang mirip metromini. Penumpang dibebaskan memilih tempat duduk, atau mungkin lebih ekstrem lagi, ‘nyetir’nya pun ugal-ugalan di langit yang tak pernah macet itu untuk mengejar...
by VirusTraveling on Aug 5, 2014

Readers’ Q & A: How to get more post shares

Every day I get emails from my readers around the world asking me for advice on destinations, tips, photography, software, social media and anything in between! There is one in particular that I received just recently that I wanted to … Continu...
by Traveller Soul on Jun 10, 2014

Review: Better Blog Writing – How to Improve Your Writing to Keep Readers Coming Back for More

Back when I started blogging in 2005, blogs were still something new. Fresh. Different. Anytime I told anyone I had a blog, it was always met with a side-cocked head a la Scooby Doo. There was a small collection of food bloggers, small enough where w...
by Sweetnicks on May 13, 2014

Why We Read Blogs

At lunch with friends today, one woman said she was computer literate, but admitted she didn’t understand why anyone would read my blog, or any blog, actually. Another friend said she read my blog because it was interesting. I was glad she supplied...
by Bertram's Blog on May 7, 2014

Latest Online Article Writing and Blogging Test (UK Version) Answer

Online Article Writing and Blogging Test (UK Version) Syllabus of the Test Online Article Writing and Blogging Test (UK Version) Copyright Issues How to Source Information Blog Writing Skills Writing Style For the Web Articles to Promote a Product or...
by Bangladesh Result on Mar 30, 2014

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