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Long bleached hair Kristen Bell

Long bleached hair, Kristen Bell, sometimes require additional moisture. Channel recommends proven tool from the mask for the hair of almond oil, avocado oil and vitamin E.
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 20, 2012

Light Blonde, tint, Julie Bowen

Light Blonde, Julie Bowen shade can quickly lose its shine if you spend much time in the sun. To refresh your hair after exposure to the sun or salt water, use a spray to protect hair after swimming.
by HAIR TIPS BLOG on Jul 20, 2012

Claire Danes well-groomed hair

In order to maintain bleached hair in a tidy state, as in Claire Danes, use moisturizing and restoring funds that can be applied both to wet hair, and the dry.
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 19, 2012

a golden gleam, like Stacy Keibler

To preserve the color and silky just dyed hair and give them a golden sheen, like Stacy Keibler, use a sunscreen spray for hair each time before going out in the sun and after swimming. This is a simple and effective.
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 18, 2012

Blake Lively Hairstyles

Actress Blake Lively, whose hair always looks amazing, has become a real style icon for many young girls for his role in the series «Gossip Girl» – “Gossip Girl.” Her hair, celebrity hairstyles like Kristen Stewart, star of “...
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 14, 2012

The classic short haircut Mia Wasikowska

Newly actress Mia Wasikowska prefers classic short haircut, but even it can be made of the original. To make the hair height, use any means for the volume. At the ends of her hair and bangs can add some drops of silicone.
by HAIR TIPS BLOG on Jul 13, 2012

The super-short hair like Carey Mulligan

Even a very short haircut, for example, such as the Carey Mulligan, can be turned into something really worthwhile and interesting. Use the wax for the hair to create a light curl. Spread the wax on your hands, rub a little bit and apply evenly to th...
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 12, 2012

Bob with feathers like Nicole Richie

If you want the same hairstyle, like Nicole Richie – the bulk bean with feathers, then all you need – a lot of money, giving the volume of your hair. First of all, have to begin with the hair cutting stage. That’s when you can make...
by HAIR TIPS BLOG on Jul 12, 2012

A simple beam Olivia Wilde

Two minutes – and a simple and elegant hair done. Olivia Wilde chose a simple beam, which is ideal for medium length hair. In my opinion, it’s a great summer hairstyle.
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 11, 2012

Step haircut for medium hair Heidi Klum

Want to look like Heidi Klum? Then you must try the step cut. One of the advantages of a haircut – is something that you can always tie your hair in a bun or braid her hair.
by HAIR TIPS BLOG on Jul 11, 2012

Step Haircut Jenny Garth

Stepped short hair – this is the best choice for the summer, if you want to look elegant and stylish. It looks like Jennie Garth ahead of current fashion and she was right, because it is this hairstyle, made back in 2010, as relevant as ever to...
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 10, 2012

The modern “wedge” Vidal Sassoon

Hairstyle “wedge” that was invented by Vidal Sassoon, was very popular in the 60s. Today, the hair still has not lost its relevance, although has undergone some changes. The modern “wedge” – is more hair in the sport lig...
by HAIR TIPS BLOG on Jul 9, 2012

Short haircut layers Jenna Elfman

Short haircut layers – this is a great option for summer. One advantage of such a haircut – is something that no matter what the wind is blowing, your hair will always look as if you left the cover of a glossy magazine. Actually and Jenna...
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 8, 2012

Miley Cyrus “Romantic”

Dry the hair, comb-over them back. Curled hair with ironing. Now select the most suitable for you parted on the head and secure it with invisible hair near the ear on either side.
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 7, 2012

Cotton Firn “Burlesque”

The famous TV presenter Cotton Firn is able to create a truly elegant way of adding notes of Burlesque! You will need a lot of mousse and rollers to make the same hairdo. Apply the mousse in their hair and dry the hair dryer and round brush, giving a...
by HAIR TIPS BLOG on Jul 6, 2012

Paris Hilton’s “Simple Elegance”

Complicated at first glance, hairstyle from Paris Hilton is actually very simple in execution. Separate the strands a little bit in front (both sides), collect the remaining hair in a pony tail. Now, braids her hair from the tail, and laid it in surr...
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 5, 2012

Star Hairstyles: Hairstyles Britney Spears

Haircut “cascade” is a gradual transition from the shorter hair on the crown to the longer that way form a sort of this cascade. The intensity of the cascade of curls involves a lot of options – from very ragged haircut along the en...
by HAIR TIPS BLOG on Jul 2, 2012

Hair in the style of Lady Gaga

When laying on your hair curlers are not divided into parting, and equally fit for all head. Her hair wound on the middle popryadno curler that gives the effect of medium curl, the large rollers, which give the effect of light and air locks, or on ve...
by Hairstyles TOP. on Jul 2, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Hair Marilyn Monroe – the world-renowned, unsurpassed and unforgettable sex symbol, which, unlike today’s stars did not admiring audience, not even professional, resourceful, instigators and manipulators – PR managers, journalists,...
by HAIR TIPS BLOG on Jul 1, 2012

New Haircolor For Kelly Clarkson With Blonde Hairstyles

Ms. Kelly is having a very busy year, and on top of losing weight, she’s now opted for blonde tresses. She was seen in London earlier this week smiling and showing off her newly dyed hair. To help show off her new color, she was spotted wearing bri...
by Omg! Haircut on Jun 8, 2012

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