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Bob the Vegan: The Boss

Bob and Torrie at Bob's house. Bob: So what do you mean you're not getting your needs met? That sounds kind of ominous. Torrie: No, I don't mean like that. Bob: Well, what do you mean? Torrie: First of all you're never available anymore. And when you...
by The Guy's Perspective on Nov 11, 2009

Bob the Vegan: The New Job

Bob comes home after a long day as the manager of a local coffee shop. Dan: Hey Bob, how are things going at your new day gig? Bob: They're OK, I guess. Dan: Well, is there something wrong? Bob: Kind of. Dan: What is it? Bob: Well.....everyone thinks...
by The Guy's Perspective on Nov 4, 2009

Bob the Vegan: Speed Dating

Welcome to Season 2 of Bob the Vegan. No, we're not on TV....YET!! For all the episodes from Season 1, check out the category section in the right column of this BLOG. Episode 1: Speed Dating Bob and George are at a speed dating luncheon. Bob: George...
by The Guy's Perspective on Oct 18, 2009

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