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Learning To Play Mental Tennis Is Realizing How To Win

All participants are well aware that tennis is a superbly physical game. But still, just as fundamental as the physical game is the mental tennis game. A lot of effort is usually placed on the physical portion of the game, which is definitely a cruci...
by Tennis Blog on Mar 6, 2011

Body Scrub: swing circulatory

Although still included in the new western world, this body scrub is a tradition in the countries of the middle east for centuries. Use a body scrub when you feel the need to do cleaning in depth for the circulation of bloodOrange scrubsScrub of fres...
by HERBAL PLANTS on Nov 18, 2010

Yoga For Losing Belly Fat

Yoga is an ancient meditation art that has its origins in India. Practitioners of this art have been around for centuries and the various poses, called ‘asanas’ have been documented in various ancient scriptures. Yoga ensures the union be...
by Yoga for Better Health on Dec 4, 2001

Yoga Exercise for Alleviating Asthma

Yoga exercise including the poses, inhaling and exhaling, and relaxation routines set you in charge of your mind and feelings, making you more stimulating and enabling you to inhale and exhale easier. It will also allow your lungs to work much better...
by Yoga for Better Health on Dec 4, 2001

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