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The "Awesome Abs Blaster" Abs Workout | Target Your Core!

The Awesome Abs Blaster Workout to Target Your CoreToday we will cover an awesome workout that targets your abs, specifically your core area and midsection. These parts will be worked hard - upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back. If you...
by latest sports & leisure news on Apr 5, 2016

Cut some fat and reach peak fitness!

If you want to look good, feel lighter, perform better in combat sports and generally want to improve your fitness, then it's time to burn and cut some of that extra fat from your body!Check it out below how you look like in terms of bodyfat percenta...
by latest sports & leisure news on Oct 20, 2015

A Great Workout for Home (to get ripped!)

If you want a great workout at home but have very limited tools at your disposal, you have to check out this workout as introduced by Troy Adashun from Weight Gain Network. All you need is a pull-up bar (which you can buy cheap at a local sporting go...
by latest sports & leisure news on Dec 18, 2014


Adam Raw Calisthenics 2012         Compilation video for inspiration and motivation ...
by RippedBody on May 30, 2013

Surgery for Weight Loss – Banishing The Misconceptions

For people who are highly obese, weight loss surgical procedures may be one approach that could save their lives. A predicament in which someone weighs an unnatural amount, then this may be a beneficial approach if the person is capable of coping wit...
by Article Technology on May 12, 2013

3 Smart "300" Spartan workouts by Jerome Fitness

This workouts routine is not suited for beginners. Always start your workouts with a warm up. This is how the workout should be performed: - START WITH A WARM UP!!! - Perform the exercises in whatever order you like. - NO rest in between these sets.
by RippedBody on May 8, 2013

Quick and easy bodyweight workout routine from Lada Pridal

10 Pull-ups10 Dips10 Knee raises10,10,10 Squats* (see video)10 Dips on straight bar10 Incline push-upsDo 2-4 cycles!
by RippedBody on Apr 30, 2013

About CzechWorkout on youtube

CzechWorkout is youtube chanel for people who seeking information about exercising using body weight. Watch and learn various exercises, how many reps, how often, what and how to eat, etc. etc.  Lada Pridal before and after Czech Workout ...
by RippedBody on Mar 14, 2013

Bodyweight workout by Sergey Yaroslavtsev

Bodyweight Video workout by Sergey Yaroslavtsev Sergey Yaroslavtsev is born May 7, 1994 in Russia. He`s a fitness model and bodyweight workout athlet. MORE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS HERE...
by RippedBody on Nov 12, 2012

Chest Exercises Without Weights That Can Be Done Outside Of The Gym

By Adam J Nicholson Let's look at 3 effective chest exercises without weights. These exercises are useful for building or maintaining chest muscle, whether as a substitute for weight training when you are away from the gym, or as a complete alternati...
by latest sports & leisure news on Sep 7, 2012

Personal workout: Cindy - to boost strength endurance

Today I didn't have much time for a proper workout, so I had to make do with a workout I learned while surfing the web. It's named "Cindy" by the Crossfit community.What is that you ask?A very simple bodyweight workout. You do these exercises:5 chin-...
by latest sports & leisure news on Feb 23, 2011

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