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Canada Day sees Canadians celebrating around the world

“Even when Rick was very sick in the hospital in January, he said to me, 'Make sure you have the Canada Day party,'” said Martin's wife, Brenda, 60, of their 40-year tradition, and 15 years with the flags. “He would put up the flags...

More Royal Designations Restored in Canada

Queen Elizabeth inspects the Canadian Forces Ceremonial Guard with the parliament building as a backdrop during the Canada Day celebrations in 2010. Canada has restored the "Royal" designation for five of the country's Army corps.  As we repo...
by SUNLIT UPLANDS on May 15, 2013

Campaign to Restore the Royal Designation to Canada's Navy and Air Force a Success!

On July 4th one of  the Canadian Air Force's Sea King helicopter is piloted by Prince William as his wife and a crowd in Prince Edward Island looks on during the 2011 Royal Tour. Today, a little over a month after their visit, Canada's governmen...
by The Royal Unionist on Aug 16, 2011

Weekend Reading Roundup v. 75

This weekend in the reading roundup: 'Securing a Sustainable Future for Higher Education' by Lorde Browne of Madingley (read it in all of its hideous glory here) 'How the Financial Crisis has Affected Culture' a podcast by John Lanchester at guardian...
by Chasing Dragons on Oct 16, 2010

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