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A total lack of consultation

The following paragraph was published this morning in the Argus newspaper in the Opinion section: According to a press release from NHS England in mid August, local NHS organisations were “working together for the first time on shared plans to R...
by IanChisnall on Dec 14, 2016

Richmond Park Donation Scandal Rocks the Green Party

An internal party report written by the Chair and two other senior members of Kingston Green Party, reveals that pressure was put on the two local parties which cover the Richmond Park constituency, not to stand a candidate in the recent by-election.
by London Green Left on Dec 6, 2016

Caroline Ouellette à un point du plateau des 300 en carrière Ouellette (Source d'image:Getty)COMMUNIQUÉLUNDI, 5 DÉC. 2016. 11:05Déjà la meilleure pointeuse de l'histoire de la LCHF, Caroline Ouellette est à un point du plateau des 300 points en carrière (en saison régul...
by Go Nordiques Go on Dec 5, 2016

Brent Council steps up action on air quality

When Mayor Boris Johnson concealed London's air pollution crisis as much as he could so Sadiq Khan deserves praise for bringing the issue out into the open, with Green AM Caroline Russell providing much of the pressure. Last week's alerts to Londoner...
by wembleymatters on Dec 3, 2016

Acoso Sexual: Disclosure (1994) BRRip

Tom Sanders, un maduro y atractivo ejecutivo que trabaja en una empresa de alta tecnología, está a punto de ser ascendido. Sin embargo, en una semana crucial para su vida, verá sus aspiraciones rotas cuando, en su lugar, sea nombrada Meredith Jons...
by on Nov 30, 2016

The ethnic diversity deficit in the Green Party

In a post just before the results of the Green Party leadership election were declared I predicted that we would have a more homogenous leadership - white, middle class and London/South East based.  LINKThe co-leader victory of Caroline Lucas an...
by wembleymatters on Sep 5, 2016

Guardian Says Green Party Should Move to the Right

On the first full day of the Green Party autumn conference, The Guardian newspaper runs an editorial piece entitled ‘The Guardian view on Green leadership: a challenge and an opportunity’ with the sub heading saying ‘The party should move on fr...
by London Green Left on Sep 3, 2016

A homogeneous Green Party leadership?

The possible new Green Party leadership trioThe results of the Green Party leadership will be announced at the Green Party Conference in Birmingham today and I am 99% sure that Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley will be crowned as the new co-leaders...
by wembleymatters on Sep 2, 2016

Progressive Alliance Panel at Green Party Conference

Friday 2 September, 18.30-19.45Progressive Alliances: The case for cross-party working and why it could be a game-changer for the Green PartyThis session will explore the various options that collectively get called a 'progressive alliance'. It will...
by wembleymatters on Sep 1, 2016

‘Progressive Alliance’ - Just too many fault lines make it Doomed to Failure

Written by Charles GateCaroline Lucas is simply the most significant individual that the Green Party (England and Wales variety) has ever had and yet many in the party are having difficulty with her belief that a ‘Progressive Alliance’ (PA) is ei...
by London Green Left on Aug 29, 2016

Who will speak up for us?

For those of us who are enjoying the last Bank Holiday of the Summer with weather in Sussex at least, that seems ideal, its hard to turn our attention towards things a wee bit more serious. Alternatively for those focused … Continue reading ...
by IanChisnall on Aug 29, 2016

Green Party Activists Voice Doubts about an Electoral Progressive Alliance

As counting begins in the Green Party leader and deputy leader elections, Caroline Lucas, one of the (joint) candidates for leader, has renewed her call for a progressive alliance of parties of the broad left at the next general election.But not all...
by London Green Left on Aug 26, 2016

Ashford Green Party resolutions on the 'Progressive Alliance'

Earlier in August, with the Green Party leadership context getting underway, I published an article about some of the underlying issues LINK. These include the proposal for a 'progressive alliance' which forms part of the Lucas-Bartley platform. Thei...
by wembleymatters on Aug 23, 2016

La La Land 'Audition' Teaser Trailer

Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in dingy bars, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabri...
by Box Office Buz on Aug 23, 2016

The Dressmaker Trailer

A glamorous woman returns to her small town in rural Australia. With her sewing machine and haute couture style, she transforms the women and exacts sweet revenge on those who did her wrong.
by Box Office Buz on Aug 23, 2016

Caroline Lucas: Corbyn's support for NHS Bill was not 'inept'

Caroline Lucas' letter to the Guardian I have no wish to intrude on the Labour leadership debates and I have no idea whether former shadow health minister Heidi Alexander is right in her critique of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership style, but for he...
by wembleymatters on Aug 22, 2016

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik: He who shames the hat, wears the hat

Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik just couldn't stay away. He reopened his Instagram account, which had remained mysteriously locked for two weeks, with this:Source: Instagram Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik has no shame wearing the NYPD hat he shame...
by on Aug 21, 2016

Green Party at 7% in Opinion Poll – Highest since the Green Surge as Labour Fall

A national opinion poll by TNS shows the Green Party at 7%, which is the highest poll rating since the Green surge, just prior to the general election in 2015. We are all somewhat sceptical of opinion polls after the recent failures to predict the ge...
by London Green Left on Aug 15, 2016

Big Brass Ones: Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik calls out President Obama on breaking the law?!

To filed under the "Big Brass Ones" column is Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik lecturing President Obama on breaking the criminal law! After we all stop laughing, we'll discuss....Yes, Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik, sociopath, craving attention po...
by on Aug 7, 2016

Robin York / Caroline & West , Tome 2 : Plus fort

Quelques infos sur le livre : Plus fort Auteur : Robin York Serie : Caroline & West Genres : Romance, Contemporain Editeur : Milady Collection :  Publication: 08/ 07/ 2016 Edition: Broché Pages : 448 [...] Cet article Robin York / Car...
by The Reading List of Ninie on Aug 6, 2016

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