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When You Want Quality, You Want Austin Carpet Cleaning

If you are doing a whole spring cleaning routine, it is important to get to every area of the house. For those who have carpets in their home, things might get a bit trickier. Some people think that vacuuming will do the job. However, there is more t...

*Tell Me Your Carpet Horror Stories*

Seven boys, two girls, two cats and a bird do a number on carpets. I’ll spare you the sometimes disgusting details, but suffice it to say it’s time to do a deep cleaning on our carpets. Someone set a toddler loose with a tomato based product las...
by Ours+His+Mine=Nine! on Nov 13, 2011

Tips for Getting The Dog Smell out of Carpet

I love when my mom comes to visit, but she doesn’t really like dogs, and since I have two of them, I always thoroughly clean my house before she arrives. She always says not to go to any trouble, but I want her to be comfortable, so I try to ma...
by Savor the Moment on May 19, 2011

Your Carpet and Air Ducts Could Be Making You Sick

If you have allergies and you’ve never cleaned the air ducts in your house, it could help you breath a little easier. I thought people were supposed to outgrow their allergies, but I never had allergies as a child, and I’ve developed th...
by Scratching the Surface on Dec 4, 2010

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