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nick cave and warren ellis - 'song for bob'

Taken from The Assassination of Jesse James soundtrack, this is a mighty fine composition and especially as around that time, Nick Cave's other projects were getting a little stale.
by de minimis on Dec 14, 2016

Around The World In 18 Caving Destinations

  My breath fills the air with thick clouds of steam, my heart is pounding out of my chest, sending echoes far into the vastness of the abyss. Tiny water drops splashing onto the rugged floor break the burdensome silence, … Continued...
by BarePockets on Dec 12, 2016

nick cave and the bad seeds - 'black hair'

Taken from possibly my favourite album ' The Boatman's Call' this is Nick Cave at his most reflective and romantic.
by de minimis on Dec 11, 2016

Cave in Vietnam

by photos HD on Dec 6, 2016

Prehistoric humans dismembered and ate the bodies of children

photo: recent study conducted on the basis of paleontological discoveries in Spain, sketches a picture "horrror" morals 800,000 years ago: analysis of bones found in a cave suggest that prehistoric oamanii eating dismembered bodies o...
by Potent Scientia Est on Nov 23, 2016

"The Gate to Hell" the crater that burns without stopping since 1971

"The gate to Hell" is a gas field in Derwa, Turkmenistan, which crashed in a cave in 1971, becoming a crater natural gas.Geologists have set fire to prevent releasing methane gas and then burns continuously. The diameter of the crater is 69 meters an...
by Potent Scientia Est on Oct 30, 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18-09-2016, Nick Cave, DJ Shadow, Stephen Steinbrink, Howe Gelb

Tracks of the WeekOld Pa :-Nick Cave - Skeleton Tree (2016) Here is the title track from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds new album of the same name. It is right up there with the best of Nick's repertoire. Going to listen to the whole album right no...
by Tune Doctor on Sep 18, 2016

Get a real close to the Niagara falls - Cave of the Winds

Why Niagara is natural wonder? Wait wait... we will take you along with our wonderful journey to Niagara in our series of posts.Are you ready  to get wet? Then your first stop should be Cave of the wind from the American side. The entrance is ne...
by Travel Enthusiasts on Sep 5, 2016

Ada Vihara di Goa Khao Luang

Ada Vihara di Goa Khao Luang – Thailand yang terkenal dengan wisata religinya untuk umat Buddha dan peninggalan sejarah oleh raja-raja jaman dulu yang masih tetap terjaga dan digunakan sampai saat ini. Karena uniknya dan menariknya peninggalan...
by Petrus Loo on Sep 2, 2016

National Parks Birthday – 100 This Month! (Jewel Cave National Monument)

Six more days until our National Parks’ 100th birthday! What awesome places to visit, for  anyone,  but especially for writers and illustrators. There are ideas at every turn, every look. Here is Stu Patterfoot visiting Jewel Cave National Mo...

The Unexpected Hideaways of Greece’s Salamina Island

There couldn’t be any place more off the beaten track than Greece’s Salamina Island when it comes to finding archaeological sites. Nothing is properly marked on maps so one must be an explorer and detective to find these unique well-hidden locati...
by on Aug 8, 2016

Dashavatara, Ellora

In Ellora the cave numbered as 15 is a Hindu Temple. To reach this magnificent Cave No. 15 one has to climb up series of steps where the entire court has been hewn... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my web...
by My Indian Travel on Aug 7, 2016

National Parks Birthday – 100 This Month! (Wind Cave National Park)

In honor of our US National Park’s 100th birthday later this month, here are some shots of Stu Patterfoot visiting Wind Cave National Park in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota. This was the first cave in the world to be named a nat...

Wander To Know The Wonder: A Day In My Outdoor Life

Isinulat ni Lakbay DiwaAdventure is out there. Travel changes you.All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. Choose the bigger life.Travel and adventure, paano nga ba ako namulat dito? Paano ako nagsimula sa aktibidad na i...
by Lakbay Diwa on Aug 3, 2016

Central Cave: A Crystal Kingdom Where Time Stands Still

Beneath the frontier island paradise of Samar is a realm of exquisite beauty. It is a fragile place where time is in suspended animation, its raw magnificence carefully preserved in glittering crystals. It is a domain of grandeur and enigmas where on...
by Adrenaline Romance on Aug 3, 2016

Exploring the Chiang Dao Cave and the Karen Long Neck Tribe

The Chiang Dao Cave is one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand as it extends to 12 kilometers into the Doi Chiang Dao Mountain. Truth is, only a handful of experienced trekkers get to venture into the cave of Chiang Dao apart from the five acc...
by Cush Travel on Jul 29, 2016

Lobo Cave: Samar’s Captivating Underground Realm of Many Faces

There’s an alien world right under our feet. It’s a world where nothing is what it seems, where wonders defy imagination, and where the most trivial decisions can determine whether we live or perish. The world of mysterious caves is a par...
by Adrenaline Romance on Jul 26, 2016

Islas de Gigantes Inland Tour: Discovering Historical and Geological Treasures of an Island Paradise

The Philippines is a large tropical archipelago of 7,107 beautiful islands. So many yet so interestingly different from each other. With their own unique historical, cultural, and natural characteristics, traveling around our country is never boring.
by Adrenaline Romance on Jul 19, 2016

Naida Caves, Diu

Naida caves in Diu are within a short distance from the town. These caves totalling about 11 is a intriguing network of square hewn hollows. These caves have a natural opening that... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my web...
by My Indian Travel on Jul 19, 2016

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis Score Upcoming Jeff Bridges Western

Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds and Grinderman bandmate, Warren Ellis, have scored the upcoming contemporary western, Hell or High Water, starring Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine. Sidebar Nick Cave Reflects on Drugs, God in Exclusive Doc Clip...
by Celebrity gossip news on Jul 13, 2016

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