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One of Us. Assimilate. We Are The Borg...

So as anyone who stops in here now and then, or followers who get notifications of new posts already know, I don't really do much here any more. If you would like to see my continued photos and insights on chemtrails, I am now here pretty much every...
by Toxicanadian on Aug 27, 2012

Dripping Chemtrails. WTF!?

I watched the chem-jets laying down their trails of poison today. Nothing new there, and there were lots, but that's also nothing new. Then I went back outside and saw this.As the crap dripped down out of those fake clouds, they (the clouds) shrank a...
by Toxicanadian on Aug 26, 2009

My Sky

Started off a clear blue, sunny day, and deteriorated to the final picture's gray haze.So what else is new!?Right-click to view full size images in a new tab/window.
by Toxicanadian on Aug 19, 2009

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