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Not sure of the age or date of this vid, but I thought it worth a look. Very odd.......
by Toxicanadian on Jan 27, 2012

All Fake, Fake, Fake!

As usual, I watched the sky go from azure blue to a hazy, foggy white today. The title refers to today's "clouds" in the sky I captured on cam. While we were out bbq-ing, my husband and I saw some really weird objects in the sky. I have pointed them...
by Toxicanadian on Jun 24, 2009


Two days in a row, two "chembows".Sun dogs appear when it's real cold, and are seen as a colourful ring around the sun. This one is way off to the right of the sun, not encircling it like the one I captured yesterday.The temperature today was nine de...
by Toxicanadian on Mar 29, 2009

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