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Khum Khantoke in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Khum Khantoke in Chiang Mai is a popular restaurant serving the traditional Lanna dinner along with a vibrant cultural show. Khum means a wooden pavilion and Khantoke is a circular plate which contains many dishes. Traditional khantoke is served whil...
by Travel Tales from India on Jun 8, 2015

The Whole Earth Chiang Mai

For me the first day of a trip is usually the most tiring. There is one single reason which contributes to it, my habit of not sleeping a wink on International flights. As I hardly used to get time to watch movies, I would watch back to back movies i...
by Travel Tales from India on May 31, 2015

The Beautiful Umbrellas of Chiang Mai

I took notice of the beautiful Thai umbrellas from my early trips to Thailand. Chiang Mai was the place where I acquired a closer acquaintance with them. We visited the Bo Sang Handicraft Center on the San Kamphaeng Road just a little outside Chiang...
by Travel Tales from India on May 23, 2015

9 Nearly Free Things to Do in Chiang Mai

The Happy Nomad Backpacking in Thailand can be one of the most incredible experiences in life, but it can also drain your wallet of precious Baht. One of the best cities in Thailand to keep busy, explore... by Katie Zellhoefer | 9 Nearly...
by The Happy Nomad on May 14, 2015

The Night Market at Chiang Mai, Thailand

I have always declared that I am not much into shopping. I have to qualify that statement now. I am not much into shopping unless I am in Thailand! It is a delight to shop there, be it in malls or at local markets. The night market at Chiang Mai was...
by Travel Tales from India on May 8, 2015

Chiang Mai Recipe Corner

Chiang Mai Recipe Corner is located on Jalan Haji Ahmad 1 in Kuantan. It is directly opposite Grand Champagne Hotel at the junction with Jalan Beserah.Chiang Mai Recipe Corner, Ground Floor, Jalan Haji Ahmad 1, KuantanChiang Mai Recipe Corner opened...
by Our home called Kuantan on May 6, 2015

The Orchids from Chiang Mai, Thailand

I am a huge fan of flowers. So, when we made an unscheduled stop at Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I knew I was in for some good times. I did the butterfly post separately. It is now time to do the orchid post. As I said in th...
by Travel Tales from India on Apr 27, 2015

Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm Chiang Mai, Thailand

We made an unscheduled stop at the Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm Chiang Mai in Thailand and I am glad we did. When I went in there were a lot of orchids in bloom. There were quite a few butterflies in the enclosure too. I would any given day see the...
by Travel Tales from India on Apr 25, 2015

Wat Phra That at Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Even my sleep deprived eyes could see that I was in the middle of grand splendor at the Wat Phra That Temple Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I can’t fall asleep on planes and I can’t feel fresh without sleep, hence the first day of a...
by Travel Tales from India on Apr 22, 2015

An Epic Adventure with Flying Squirrels, Chiang Mai, Thailand

When I heard that we taking a 45 minute drive out of Chiang Mai (Thailand) to experience a zipline, I was not too sure what we were up to. I have done ziplines before. I agree they are a lot of fun while they last, which is often less than a minute.
by Travel Tales from India on Apr 20, 2015

Songkran in Amazing Thailand

People of Thailand celebrate Songkran to usher in the Thai New year.  It falls in the month of April. The traditional celebration is a family affair where the entire family gathers together to pay the respect to the elders. In doing so they would pu...
by Travel Tales from India on Apr 16, 2015

Chiang Mai VS Chiang Rai – What is the difference?

Expat Community –               There is a huge difference in the size of expat communities between...

On Thai Tv again! 8 miles from home Viral Video gets featured in Thai Media

Our Video Went Viral - Thailand’s ‘Voice TV’ Newscasters Pick it up Translation from a Thai...

Thai Skies for Skywatch Friday

I present to you the Thai skies for this Skywatch Friday. I am writing this post in a hurry because later tonight I fly out to my favorite country again. I am going to Thailand to attend Songkran, the water festival associated with the Thai New Year.
by Travel Tales from India on Apr 10, 2015

Los mejores sitios de Tailandia ¡No te los pierdas!

Tailandia es un autentico cuadro formado por ciudades decoradas con los colores de taxis y tuk-tuks, templos budistas rodeados de monjes vestidos de naranja, infinidad de mercados con adornos y artesanía de todo tipo, puestos de comida de todos los...
by Vivir por el Mundo on Apr 7, 2015

We Took 6771 Photos Of North Thailand & Made A Video Out Of It

We took 6771 PHOTOS OF CHIANG MAI & NORTH THAILANDMoving just a small step or a fraction between...

5 Itineraries to Help Kickstart Your Sourtheast Asian Adventure

Ever since I got back from my month-long Southeast Asian trip last August 2014, some friends have expressed their interest of doing the same, but don't know exactly where to start.  The thing is, when people ask me for my itinerary, I'm a bit he...
by Excursionista on Apr 3, 2015

VACANCY: Sales and Intake Executive in Thailand

You know how expats see opportunities wherever they go? And you know how so many expats don’t go home after their first assignment, they head to a new destination to have the expat adventure all over again in a brand new setting. Well here̵...
by Happywitchie on Mar 29, 2015

Beautiful cities for backpacker

Beautiful cities for backpacker is a post from: New Hotel Beautiful cities for backpacker is a post from: New Hotel Beautiful cities for backpacker – relieve fatigue not only doing something that’s it. There are many things you can do to...
by hotel travel on Mar 27, 2015

REVIEW: “Amazing Southeast Asia Adventure!”

The Happy Nomad I traveled with Bamba Experience in December and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Their happiness team was always helpful, and helped me book all my buses, ferries, flights and... by Bamba Experience | REV...
by The Happy Nomad on Mar 26, 2015

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