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Surgery, Time, and Guilt

Last week we met with our younger son's (YS) ENT and it is official: he will be having his adenoids and tonsils removed. Apparently his adenoids are gigantic. The ENT kept on going back to the x-rays and commenting on it. It is also likely that.

The Silver Lining

A while ago a friend asked me to drive her family to the airport because parking and car services are pretty expensive. I was happy to help, except for two things. First, the drive would coincide with my older son's (OS) preschool pickup. Second,.

Enlarged Adenoids+Supermetabolism=Surgery

Ever since my younger son (YS) was a baby he has been a snorty kid. I remember asking about it at the hospital and being told that c-section babies often were like that. Except that my older son (OS) was also born via c-section, and I didn't rememb

Messages I Never Thought I Would Leave

I remember before I was a parent I would sort of shudder when parents talked about their children's bodily functions. Sure, I was happy to enjoy a conversation about pets. Then again I rarely hear pet owners rarely bring up constipation outside of.

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