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How to Make Your Gut Cure Your Autoimmune Disease

Living with an autoimmune disease? You're not alone. Learn how you can make your gut heal your autoimmune disease with this incredible fatty acid!
by I Told You I Was Sick on Dec 19, 2016

Where to Find Immediate Support During a Chronic Pain Crisis

Do you feel like you just can't take it anymore? You're not alone. If you're having a chronic pain crisis and need immediate support, click here.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Aug 29, 2016

My Flare Survival Kit

This is my flare survival kit, which includes medications, supplements, and things I need to make myself comfortable when flares hit suddenly. Continue Reading →...
by My Several Worlds on Aug 25, 2016

Three Things You NEED to Do to Beat Arthritis Pain Naturally

Are you living with chronic arthritis pain? You're not alone. Learn the three things you NEED to do to beat arthritis pain naturally.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Aug 22, 2016

What Is A Flare?

A friend recently asked me, "What is a flare?" Flares are a sudden increase in symptoms from my normal day-to-day levels of energy, fatigue and pain. Continue Reading →...
by My Several Worlds on Aug 21, 2016

Why Cosmetics and Chronic Illness Don’t Mix

If you're living with a chronic illness, it is very important to learn about the dangerous chemicals in cosmetics. Use pure cosmetics only.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Aug 15, 2016

Spoonies: Why You Should Go to the Doctor Looking Like Sh*t

Want to get your doctor to finally take you seriously about your chronic illness? Show up to his office looking (and smelling) like sh*t.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Aug 8, 2016

Common Causes of Severe Abdominal Cramps

Are you struggling with severe abdominal cramps? You're not alone. Click to learn the common causes of lower belly pain.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Jul 25, 2016

Getting stuck with language

In my last post I talked about the ways in which humans learn to relate abstract concepts and experiences together (symbolic relations). I pointed out that we learn to take another person’s point of view as part of developing empathy, and that...
by Healthskills on Jul 24, 2016

Living Within The Limitations of Fibromyalgia

One of the biggest challenges with chronic illness is learning to live with limitations. Fibromyalgia and CFIDS create pain, autoimmune fatigue, and poor sleep patterns that don't allow patients to cope with daily activities at times. Continue Readin...
by My Several Worlds on Jul 23, 2016

Follow My Blog With Bloglovin’!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin’...
by I Told You I Was Sick on Jul 20, 2016

The Benefits of Optimum Nutrition When Living With a Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness? Learn how nutrition can help reduce your risk of further health problems and may even put your current condition into remission!
by I Told You I Was Sick on Jul 18, 2016

Natural Treatments for Cervicalgia

Pain in your neck? Cervicalgia is the medical term for neck pain. If you're living with chronic neck and shoulder pain, these natural remedies can help.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Jul 11, 2016

The Fay Farm Serenity CBD Lotion Is a Soothing Balm for Anxiety and Chronic Pain

Are you looking for natural chronic pain and anxiety relief? Fay Farm Serenity CBD lotion offers CBD, magnesium oil, passionflower, and more.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Jul 5, 2016

Values and why they matter in pain management

I’m away from my desk, visiting Auckland this week, so this post will not be in my usual format. Having time away allows me breathing space to think about things (even more than usual), and I’ve been thinking about values and their place...
by Healthskills on Jul 3, 2016

7 Incredible Home Remedies to Treat Joint Pain

Living with joint pain? You're not alone. These home remedies can help you treat your joint pain without the side effects of prescriptions.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Jun 20, 2016

What is our goal in pain management?

One of the cool things about having worked in chronic pain management since the mid-1980’s is that I’ve seen a few things come and a few things go.  Some things remain, of course, and the things that seem most long-lived are debates abou...
by Healthskills on Jun 19, 2016

The positive power of what we say during treatment

Expectations form one of the important predictors of response to treatment, especially in the case of treatments for pain. A person’s belief or expectation that a treatment will reduce their pain is thought to be part of the response to placebo...
by Healthskills on Jun 12, 2016

What Is CRPS, and What Can We Do About It? – [Infographic]

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a debilitating chronic pain condition. Check out this infographic for more about CRPS and your treatment options.
by I Told You I Was Sick on Jun 6, 2016

Understanding Alternatives for Managing Pain After Surgery

Managing pain after surgery can lead to unexpected complications if not handled properly. Annually, more... The post Understanding Alternatives for Managing Pain After Surgery appeared first on MELISASource.
by MELISASource on May 25, 2016

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