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NYC Police Commissioner BRATTON is a Horror & Now the Minorities want him gone!

In fact the minorities are wanting to SHUT DOWN CITY HALL which is now an active hashtag on twitter. When Bill DeBlasion became Mayor 3 years ago he was forced Continue reading...
by The Politics of Everything on Aug 1, 2016

Its Novi Sad – A city in Serbia on the banks of the Danube River.

Novi Sad is a city in Serbia on the banks of the Danube River. Atop a riverside bluff stands Petrovaradin Fortress, much of it dating to the 17th and 18th centuries, with an iconic clock tower and a network of tunnels. Across the river is the old qua...
by Journal Edge on May 23, 2016

Cofield’s Heroic Acts Of Compassion Remembered

Alonzo Harvin remembered a “mother figure” who got him off drugs. Mabel Mincey remembered the caring pioneer who came to the hospital when her daughter was suffering with AIDS, back when most people didn’t know or want to know how t...
by Great Interior Design on Mar 26, 2016

Way Paved For Anti-Malaria Clinical Trials

A tractor-trailer truck will deliver a “mobile clean room” soon for a now-empty courtyard in Science Park, as part of a quest to develop new lifesaving vaccine.
by Great Interior Design on Mar 23, 2016

New Tools Sought To Regulate Sewers, Elevators

The city may soon may have more muscle to force people to stop hooking up to non-stormwater sewers without a permit.
by Great Interior Design on Mar 22, 2016

Elsie Cofield To Lay In State At City Hall

A day before her funeral, the late Elsie Cofield will be laid in “repose” Friday afternoon on the first floor of City Hall from 4 to 7 p.m.
by Great Interior Design on Mar 22, 2016

In Ed Board Settlement, 8=7

The Board of Education will have eight members until 2017, but only seven will vote at each meeting.
by Great Interior Design on Mar 22, 2016

Moving To London: 4 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Congratulations! If you’re planning a move to London, then you should get ready for exciting and unforgettable adventures ahead of you. However, before you can begin to enjoy this brand new chapter of your life, you need to make sure your relocatio...
by Moving to London on Dec 22, 2015

Brent's Shahrar Ali now Number 3 on Green's GLA Election List

Shahrar Ali with Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and WalesShahrar Ali, Deputy Leader of the Green Party is now Number 3 on the London Green Party List for the 2016 GLA election following a recount conducted today by Electoral Re...
by wembleymatters on Nov 12, 2015

Gregg C. Fields Named Alexandria’s Director of Code Administration

City Manager Mark B. Jinks has announced the appointment of Gregg C. Fields as Director of Code Administration for the City of Alexandria, effective October 24, 2015.
by Red Brick Town on Oct 29, 2015

Alexandria 2015 Second Half Real Estate Taxes and Refuse Fees due November 16

The City of Alexandria, Virginia wants to remind property owners that second half 2015 real estate tax and refuse fee payments are due Monday, November 16.
by Red Brick Town on Oct 27, 2015

Leaf Collection in Alexandria, Virginia (Update)

REMINDER: Leaf collection services start October 26 in Alexandria, Virginia and will run until December 30. See enclosed schedule.
by Red Brick Town on Oct 24, 2015

Alexandria’s Stormwater Program Recognized by Water Environment Federation

On September 28, the City of Alexandria's Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program was recognized by the Water Environment Federation's (WEF) National Municipal Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Awards Program as a Gold-level co...
by Red Brick Town on Oct 20, 2015

Alexandria City Council Public Hearing Meeting Notice

The Alexandria City Council is holding its next public hearing meeting on Saturday, October 17, 2015, at 9:30 AM, in the Council Chambers at City Hall.
by Red Brick Town on Oct 16, 2015

Oakville Triangle/Route 1 Corridor Planning Process Update

The next meeting of the Oakville Triangle/Route 1 Corridor Advisory Group will be held on Thursday September 10, 2015 in Alexandria, Virginia.
by Red Brick Town on Sep 2, 2015

Alexandria, Virginia Schedule of Services for Labor Day 2015

Here is the schedule of City of Alexandria government services in Alexandria, Virginia for Monday, September 7, in observance of the Labor Day holiday.
by Red Brick Town on Sep 2, 2015

Alexandria’s City Hall Has Begun Posting Internal Audit Results Online

City Hall in Alexandria, Virginia is apparently listening to calls for more transparency as they have begun posting internal audit results online.
by Red Brick Town on Aug 20, 2015

City of Alexandria Earns Low Interest Rates on Bonds After AAA Ratings are Reaffirmed

After both major rating agencies reaffirmed the City of Alexandria’s top bond ratings, the City earned very favorable interest rates on the competitive sale of new bonds and the refinancing of existing bonds.
by Red Brick Town on Jul 29, 2015

Alexandria, Virginia Solicits Ideas for Municipal and Community Broadband Improvements

Alexandria, Virginia's City Council is talking about broadband once again. An RFI has been issued to evaluate upgrading infrastructure in Alexandria.
by Red Brick Town on Jul 27, 2015

Nominations Sought for Combined Sewer System Plan Stakeholder Group

The City of Alexandria, Virginia requests nominations for the Ad Hoc Combined Sewer System Plan Stakeholder Group which begins meeting this fall.
by Red Brick Town on Jul 24, 2015

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