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Cult Icons: Play School Windows.

"SO WHICH WINDOW SHALL WE LOOK THROUGH TODAY?" From one of the most loved childrens tv programmes ever made and one of the most iconic moments for kids growing up during the sixties and seventies. And, yes, I always did pick the wrong one.
by Electric Pix on Dec 4, 2011

Cult Icons: Michael Bentine's Potty Time (1973 - 1980)

LEARNING HISTORY WITH THE "POTTIES" Geez, how to describe this one. Michael Bentine was the human host and narrator for a show all about teaching kids history. To assist him, he enlisted the help of the "Potties", a gaggle of tabl...
by Electric Pix on Aug 12, 2011

Cult Icons: Jackanory (1965 - 1996)

BBC TV's JACKANORY: TELLING STORIES AT TEA TIMEFor 31 years someone sort of famous sat in a chair reading a story. Long stories, short stories, tall stories, silly stories, adventure stories, fun stories and much more were told each weekday just as w...
by Electric Pix on Aug 7, 2011

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