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Home Interior Idea, Trying the Post-Modern Style for Your Home

Post-modern style to the interior of the house look classic with a modern feel. This style is made ​​for you who like the classic look but not kuno.Ya, post-modern style may already be a consideration for some people who want a classic look but n...
by 4 Home Interior on Sep 19, 2014

Old School Interior Decor is Still Attractive

The interior design is popular in a particular period may not necessarily remain popular in the next period. Unfortunately, some designs are actually quite practical and can make a house look more attractive. The following are some design “old...
by 4 Home Interior on Aug 23, 2014

Modern Classic Interior Design Ideas

read more about modern bedroom ideas : Bedroom classic Interior Design Ideas.
by Modern Bedroom Ideas on Jul 15, 2014

Gorgeous Classic Inspiration for Hotel Interior Design

When you enter hotel business, you must be noticed that hotel interior design is one of the most important things that will keep your business running. As you know, hotel business rely not only the service and the location, but also on the look of th...
by Labdal on Mar 5, 2014

A Tour Into Taylor Swift’s Childhood Home

A Tour Into Taylor Swift’s Childhood Home In a majestic 5,050 square foot house located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, famous country singer Taylor Swift grew up. Her childhood memories are related to this classic residence built in 1927, but...

Always Stylish, Classic Color Combinations

Even if you’re not into bold patterns or gutsy, artistic interior design thrills – that doesn’t mean you can’t create a warm and stylish home. In fact, you may even be able to create some of the most fashionable and sophistica...
by Home decoration on Apr 23, 2013

Classic Interior Design

Looking for classic interior design? Here are some sample images of classic interior design.
by Prof Interior Design on Dec 2, 2011

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