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Best Classical Guitar

Tips to Buy the Best Classical Guitar Nothing can be as soothing as listening to some great classical guitar music. In case, you are also fond of classical, and intend to buy one, here are some useful tips to buy the best classical guitar. How is the...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Aug 10, 2014

Takamine Classical Guitar Reviews

Takamine Classical Guitar Reviews: Find a wide range of classical and nylon guitars from this trusted brand that is known for their affordable range of guitars. Overview One of the more popular guitars in the market; they have a wide range of product...
by Pro Learn Guitar on May 14, 2014

Classical Guitar Reviews

Classical Guitar Reviews: The Best Guitars Available for Beginners and Pros… These guitars not just look beautiful, they sound beautiful as well. Here are reviews of some the best Classical Guitars (nylon strings) available from different brand...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Jan 20, 2014

Beginner Classical Guitar

Beginner Classical Guitar: Lessons & Reviews of various brands Internet has made the life easy for many, especially music students, who can now start taking lessons even if they have financial constraints. Beginner classical guitar lessons doesn&...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Dec 11, 2013

Washburn Classical Guitar Reviews

Washburn Classical Guitar Reviews: Wide range of products for different skill levels. Enjoy the full-bodied tone and comfort of these guitars. Overview Washburn guitars, a U.S brand, have catered to many musicians from all types of genres from blues,...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Dec 10, 2013

Left Handed Classical Guitar

Left Handed Classical Guitar: Reviews of the best options that are available to the lefties. Though most people are right handed, most music manufacturers keep that in mind when making instruments. And that is why many find it difficult to…Read...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Dec 3, 2013


Takamine is pleased to announce the introduction of classical and bass models to its redesigned G Series line of guitars. Six classical styles are available in acoustic and acoustic-electric models, along with two new jumbo-style acoustic-electric...
by The Rock House Blog on Nov 25, 2013

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