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Tips To Maintain A Sparkling Clean Home

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by Quikr Blog on Dec 19, 2016

2 Major Advantages Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A well maintained carpet at any commercial space not only increases its overall aesthetic appeal, but also helps to create a long lasting impression on clients.
by Corporate Web Affairs on Aug 22, 2016

As It Turns Out, Dealing With Life Is Easy

Growing up and becoming an adult is all about being independent and doing things your way. But when it’s actually time to start doing these adults things, you realize that you were better off as a toddler when your only responsibility was dirtying...
by Quikr Blog on Mar 3, 2016

4 Problems You Can Relate To If You Live Alone

“20 odd years of living with my family is long enough!”, you think to yourself. So you decide that it’s time to move out and live on your own. And with a winning smile, you tell yourself ‐ This is going to be awesome! Your new apartment is...
by Quikr Blog on Feb 23, 2016

Importance Of Hiring A Professional Office Cleaning Service

Nowadays, most of the offices have a large number of employees. Each and every one is bounded with a tight and busy schedule. Many of the office spaces do not even get cleaned up regularly due to the busy routine of the workers.
by Cleaning Services NSW on Dec 10, 2015

Maintaining Cleanliness In Commercial Premises

Although regular cleaning is an essential requirement of all commercial premises, there are some which require to be cleaned more often at higher standards depending on the kind of business they are and also the services that they deliver.
by Cleaning Services NSW on Dec 5, 2015

Cleaning Carpets Regularly Is Essential

Carpets are omnipresent entities of various commercial facilities and play an important role in the overall cleanliness of such places. Their fibres catch countless pollutants and contaminants such as allergens, dirt, dust mites, soil, etc. on a regu...
by Cleaning Services NSW on Nov 20, 2015

Office Cleaning Made Easy With Pharo Cleaning Services

Keeping an office environment clean and welcoming for clients and employees alike is important. For maintaining cleanliness you need to clean the floors, desks, carpets, cubicles, windows, baseboards, computer screens, vertical blinds and so many oth...
by Cleaning Services NSW on Nov 19, 2015

What To Do While Looking For Professional Cleaning Services?

In most instances, cleaning an office can be a hard task for incorporating in the schedule. That is the reason why most businesses and commercial facilities opt for hiring professionals to get the job done instead of maintaining a permanent crew for...
by Corporate Web Affairs on Nov 5, 2015

Housekeeping Services In Ahmedabad

Clean house is a sign of a wasted life. While this may not exactly be true, it's certainly true that there are more important and enjoyable things to do than worry about keeping your home clean! With all your other responsibilities, you should be abl...

Commercial Housekeeping Services In Ahmedabad

Are you over paying for your commercial cleaning? Do you feel you are not getting the service that you paid for? If so call Hello India 079-27272727 today and stop over paying. Get free details about best Commercial Housekeeping Services providers in...

Benefits of good housekeeping at work

Good housekeeping at work benefits both employers and employees alike. It is important to understand that poor housekeeping can be an indicator of poor safety, quality and even production. It can also highlight issues in company morale, professionali...

Signs of Poor Housekeeping Services

One of the most common findings in workplaces is poor housekeeping i.e. untidiness, disorder, poor storage of materials and stock. On many workplace inspection visits one can usually see dirt and dust on the workbenches, light fittings and floors etc...

Why Commercial Cleaning Should Be A Hard-and-Fast Rule?

Image Source Different sectors in the industry of commerce have different cleaning requirements. Offices that remain active all the time and have considerable amount of visitors on a regular basis need to be cleaned as ofttimes as possible, whereas t...
by Cleaning Services NSW on Sep 22, 2015

Commercial & Office Cleaners Sydney – Pharo Cleaning Services

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by Corporate Web Affairs on Sep 8, 2015

How A Commercial Carpet Cleaner Works?

In general, most of the firms that provide carpet cleaning services in Brookvale use a fundamental method for giving carpets the brand new, neat, clean and spotless look. The task is usually achieved using a cleaning solution and a specific machine.
by Cleaning Services NSW on Aug 28, 2015

Tips to Commercial Carpet Cleaning

by Cleaning Services NSW on Aug 20, 2015

How to Increase the Life of Carpets?

The life of a carpet is greatly influenced by how properly it is maintained and cleaned. If you desire to keep your carpets looking new for a long time, then cleaning them on a regular basis using effective strategies and equipment is utmost importan...
by Cleaning Services NSW on Aug 12, 2015

How To Maintain Indoor Air Quality in Office Spaces?

Most of us spend almost 90 per cent of our overall time everyday indoors, and around 50 per cent of people in Australia spend more than half of that time in office spaces. Thus, indoor air quality can have a significant impact on the health, producti...
by Cleaning Services NSW on Jul 16, 2015

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