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Uses Of Clenbuterol

The people, mostly youngsters, of the world wants to make their body slim and in shape, boys wants to look fit and healthier with attractive personality. For this, they take many kinds of supplements like pills, syrups and powders which help them to...

Alberto Contador Tests Positive For Clenbuterol

Alberto Contador Velasco is a Spanish professional bicycle racer he us a three-time winner of the French national tour.  Clenbuterol is regarded as a stimulant and has recently been used in off-label prescriptions as a weight-loss drug akin to eph...
by clenbuterol on Dec 27, 2010

Clenbuterol Double Effect

Clenbuterol is mostly used by people who want to loose weight, even though it is/was said that it was a “horse asthma treating pill”. It is indeed a broncho-dilator and it was/still is used by people all over the world, under medical prescription...
by clenbuterol on Dec 23, 2010

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