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Richmond Park Donation Scandal Rocks the Green Party

An internal party report written by the Chair and two other senior members of Kingston Green Party, reveals that pressure was put on the two local parties which cover the Richmond Park constituency, not to stand a candidate in the recent by-election.
by London Green Left on Dec 6, 2016

‘Progressive Alliance’ - Just too many fault lines make it Doomed to Failure

Written by Charles GateCaroline Lucas is simply the most significant individual that the Green Party (England and Wales variety) has ever had and yet many in the party are having difficulty with her belief that a ‘Progressive Alliance’ (PA) is ei...
by London Green Left on Aug 29, 2016

Green Party Activists Voice Doubts about an Electoral Progressive Alliance

As counting begins in the Green Party leader and deputy leader elections, Caroline Lucas, one of the (joint) candidates for leader, has renewed her call for a progressive alliance of parties of the broad left at the next general election.But not all...
by London Green Left on Aug 26, 2016

Dear Bernie, Don’t Give Up, Run as a Green!

Written by David Lindorff and first published at Counter PunchDear Bernie,You ran a great race, achieving something that most of us thought would be impossible, running as an “avowed” socialist in today’s United States of America, against one o...
by London Green Left on Jun 12, 2016

Should the Greens join a ‘Progressive Alliance’ at the next General Election?

In what is apparently the first of a series open letters to UK ‘progressive parties’ written by Neal Lawson, Chair of the Labour Party grouping ‘Compass’, and published at Open Democracy, argues that the Greens should join such an alliance.La...
by London Green Left on May 20, 2016

Report and Photos of the People's Assembly Demonstration London

On a cold and intermittently rainy April Saturday in London, the People's Assembly march and demonstration drew 'tens of thousands' according to media reports. The organisers claimed 150,000 people attended the demonstration.Personally, I think there...
by London Green Left on Apr 16, 2016

2015 was a Record Year for Protests

An interesting piece written by David J Bailey over at The Conversation informs us that last year was a record year for protesting. His data shows that in 2011 protests peaked, the year of the Arab Spring, Occupy, UK Uncut, urban riots and anti-auste...
by London Green Left on Jan 14, 2016

Corbyn-mania is too little and too late for this Green Lefty

The last time that I voted for Labour was in 1997. It was great to see the Tories routed so thoroughly, although I didn’t expect much from the new Labour government. Even these low expectations were confounded though by the timidity of Labour in go...
by London Green Left on Aug 19, 2015

Saral Sarkar - A Modern-day Classical Greek Tragedy -- a Contribution Toward Understanding The Greek Crisis

Ideologies, Grand Delusions (Lebenslügen) and MisconceptionsRecently, during a popular German TV talk show, the moderator quoted an experienced Brussels correspondent (Mr. Krause) of the channel (ARD) who had said: "Actually, Greece is a Third World...
by London Green Left on Aug 9, 2015

Will a Corbyn Leadership Win Steal the Greens Thunder?

I’ve not commented until now on Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to become the Labour party leader, preferring to leave it as a Labour party matter. But it is becoming clear, that if Corbyn wins, it will have a big impact on the Green party’s fortunes.
by London Green Left on Aug 1, 2015

38 Syriza MPs reject the agreement

Written by Stathis Kouvelakis Syriza Left Platform38 Syriza MPs reject the agreement. Overall result: 229 yes, 64 no, 6 abstain/present, one absence. Today is a tragic day for Greece and for its Left.More than two thirds of Syriza MPs voted jointly w...
by London Green Left on Jul 16, 2015

Videos & Photos - Greece Solidarity - German Embassy - London - 15 July

Around two hundred people assembled at the German Embassy in London this evening, to show solidarity with the Greek people in their fight against the vicious and vindictive bail out terms forced on them by their creditors in the EU and IMF.Many of th...
by London Green Left on Jul 15, 2015

As Greece Surrenders – What Now for the European Anti-Austerity Movement?

The Greek government has submitted a last ditch proposal to its creditors in the EU and the IMF, reportedly conceding to an even harsher austerity regime than they have had for the last five years. Reports say that the proposals offer 13 billion Euro...
by London Green Left on Jul 10, 2015

A Red & Green Alliance in Scotland for 2016 Election?

Written by Donnie Fraser and first published at Bella Caledonia It’s almost clichéd to say that we’re living in exciting times, a political landscape rapidly shifting beneath our feet and unpredictable in its destination. No sooner is one h...
by London Green Left on Jul 9, 2015

The Voters of Hornsey and Wood Green are a Vengeful Bunch

Lynne FeatherstoneSo, along with 45 other Lib Dems, Hornsey and Wood Green MP and junior coalition government minister Lynne Featherstone lost her parliamentary seat in the general election on 7 May. With a swing of 15% from Lib Dem to Labour in the...
by London Green Left on Jun 3, 2015

A note on Syriza’s Central Committee meeting and the text presented by the Left Platform

Syriza’s Central Committee on 23/24 May, 44% in favour of of the text of the Left Platform calling for a rupture in the negotiations and for an alternative plan.At the central committee session which ended a few hours ago, the Left Platform submitt...
by London Green Left on Jun 1, 2015

Labour’s Way Back to Power is an Electoral Rubik’s Cube Without a Change of Electoral System

As the Labour party ponders electing its new leader from the thoroughly uninspiring choice of Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall or Mary Creagh, the challenge of winning power again is more complicated than ever before.When Tony Blair et al plo...
by London Green Left on May 31, 2015

GE2015 - Lesser Evilism or Voting For What You Believe In

What a dismal general election campaign 2015 has been. The mainstream politicians and media pompously announce that this year’s election is the ‘most important ever’, whilst treating the voters with utter contempt. Policies? We have barely hear...
by London Green Left on May 5, 2015

The Establishment is Terrified of Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish National party’s (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon’s strong performance in the televised election party leader’s debate has put the wind up the establishment. In what looks like a classic dirty tricks operation, the Telegraph newspaper...
by London Green Left on Apr 5, 2015

Tory – Lib Dem Coalition 2010 – 2015: A Record of Nastiness and Incompetence

The odious Tory/Lib Dem Coalition government has ended (for now at least), we look back on what this has meant for Britain.The banks have been re-financed with tax payers money, and the good times in banking, if not for the rest us, are well and trul...
by London Green Left on Mar 31, 2015

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