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La La Land 'Audition' Teaser Trailer

Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in dingy bars, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabri...
by Box Office Buz on Aug 23, 2016

La La Land Trailer

A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.
by Box Office Buz on Jul 13, 2016

Blood Brothers 2016

The legendary BLOOD BROTHERS made history last year as South Africa’s first rock super group when they banded together at Carnival City and at Grand West Casino to join the Vrede Foundation in the fight against cancer.
by Dirty Pink City on Jul 12, 2016

Amjad Sabri For The One Last Time- recorded for Coke Studio 9

the pain has not lessen. the tears have’nt been dried yet. Amjad Sabri will always be missed. None can replace him and that we know for sure.this is the toughest time for his closed ones. his fans  are really upset, as they can not watch and a...
by Style.Pk on Jun 23, 2016

Unconditionally stylish! Sauti Sol’s fashion featured in British Museum

Other than their contemporary music that has swept across Africa with fans all over the world, the band has achieved another mean fete. Their unique style has gotten international attention as they get honored with mannequins dressed in their individ...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Jun 9, 2016

Bahati makes history as the first gospel artist in Coke Studio Africa 2016

As the new season of continental music reality TV show Coke Studio kicks off, award-winning gospel star Bahati makes history by becoming the first gospel artiste to be profiled among other Africa greats. The singer, who missed this year’s Groove Aw...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Jun 9, 2016

The Justification of the Methodist Episcopacy (1792)

This is from the notes by Bishops Coke and Asbury as found in the 1792 annotated Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church: The late reverend John Wesley recommended the episcopal form to his societies in America; and the general conference, whic...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on May 31, 2016

Coke and Diet Coke Coupons + Cartwheel and Target Deal

Coke Coupons and Diet Coke Coupons May 2016. Right now at Target , for 3 days only, run on over here to load these new Cartwheel offers that is valid for 50% off Coca-Cola 2-Liter Bottles (valid on Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Sprite, S...
by Coupons Do Work! on May 19, 2016

May 8 Have A Coke Day

Each year on May 8, millions of people across the country celebrate Have a Coke Day. Coca-Cola is the largest nonalcoholic beverage company in the world, and the classic Coke beverage we all know and love is sold in more than 200 countries. In fact,...
by TodayDayInfo on May 7, 2016

My “now” song: Ambwa talay

Do you ever have a song, an idea, a story line, or an image stuck in your head? And it just refuses to go away? For some time at least? I have this with music — it could be a … Continue reading →...
by My Favourite Things on May 3, 2016

Analysis of the Soda Machine Selections at the Office

My office now has a soda machine in the kitchen area. Even better, the sodas only cost 25 cents! Yes, you read that correctly: 25 cents! For only a quarter, we can get our daily fix of carbonation. How could … Continue reading →...
by The Cutter Rambles on Apr 22, 2016

Coca Cola Life

Coca Cola Life.Bevanda analcolica con zucchero ed edulcorante.500 ml. / 17.6 fl. Oz.Ingredienti: Acqua, zucchero, anidride carbonica, colorante: E150d {caramello}, aromi naturali (inclusa caffeina), acidificante: acido fosforico, edulcorante: glicosi...
by The ingredients in products on Apr 16, 2016

Divorce Italian Style

bethere2day - Divorce Italian Style - A man and his wife were getting a divorce at a local court in Italy, but the custody of their children posed a problem. Divorce Italian Style...

HAVE A COKE – Coca-Cola Drink Vintage Ad Poster

Below are some live auctions of Vintage Coke Posters available right now on eBay!
by Vintage Pinup Girls on Apr 6, 2016

Coca Cola's Taste the Feeling Festival: Alden Richards, Spongecola and Many More!

Went to the Coca-Cola Taste the Feeling Festival and I had a blast!!! I kinda knew that there will be lots of people since it's a free concert and Alden Richards is in their line-up, but I didn't expect the crowd to be that big. I thought I would nev...
by Drowning Equilibriums on Mar 24, 2016

Free at Walgrens : BOGO FREE 20 oz Coke Coupon

Walgreens  has an awesome BOGO coupon to get 20 oz coke –.from now until 3/20. Make sure  to attach it to your Balance Rewards Card so that it is automatically deducted from your total during checkout! — Walgren eCoupons are awesome ! H...
by Coupons Do Work! on Mar 19, 2016

How is Shawshank Redemption no. 1 on the IMDB Top 250 movies list?

  If you’re a movie freak like me, you’ve probably visited the IMDB Top 250 movies multiple times. I don’t know if you had the same shock as me though. How are some movies […] The post How is Shawshank Redemption no. 1 on...
by Been Bitten Food Blog on Mar 16, 2016

7 things you can clean with Coke – Crazy !

As a kid we learn early on the phrase “Always Coca-Cola” and I will never forget Michael Jackson dancing in an PepsiCommercial (Coke vs Pepsi, that is when commercials were fun to watch. Now t.v. is boring!). Did you know that Coca̵...
by Coupons Do Work! on Mar 5, 2016

100 Free My Coke Rewards Points Free 12-Packs

Join the Hilton HHonors program and get 100 free My Coke Rewards points! After signing up you’ll get an email with your code to redeem for 100 My Coke Rewards. Then use your free points to score free Coca-Cola 12-Pack Product (30 pts each pack)...
by giveawaypost on Dec 20, 2015

Free 12 Pack Coca Cola Coupon – Only 30 Points at My Coke Rewards

It’s back, the Free 12 Pack Coca Cola coupon can now be requested for only 30 points. We only had 200 points in our account, but I was saving the points for a discounted deal like this one. I save the coupons for B2G2 or B2G1 free sales at Publ...
by Frugality Is Free on Dec 18, 2015

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