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30 Days of Painting, Day 11: A Color Study

Welcome to 30 Days of Painting. Inspired by the blog Of Robots and Whales‘ 30 Days of Python, I’m doing a small painting project every day for 30 days in order to become more comfortable with the paint brush. I’d … Continue re...
by Stories & Soliloquies on Sep 11, 2014

Color Study: Green

Green reminds me of many nice things, such as fresh grass or a sour lime or a deep cool forest. What do you think of when you think “green?” Printed Flip-Flops in Jungle Green at Old Navy Expandable WheelAboard Luggage in Make Me Blush at Vera Br...
by Real Preppy on Apr 27, 2011

Color Study: Lilac

Lilac is one of my favorite colors, not just for kids – but for everything. I simply adore a light shade of purple. It reminds me of the pale purple hydrangeas that grew in my great-grandmother’s yard and, of course, of lilac flowers themselves!
by Preppy Picks on Apr 26, 2011

Color Study: Pink

Don’t you just adore pink? It’s one of my favorite colors – in all its many shades – from palest pink to brightest fuchsia – it’s a great girly color. Look at all the pink things I found at TopShop: Pink Articulated Fish Pendant Pink Hear...
by Stylish Picks on Apr 21, 2011

Color Study: Ready for Red

Red is a fab color and it works for both girl and boys, doesn’t it? Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowls in Red from Amazon will come in handy, if you have a hound who wolfs down his food. For lounging around, here are two top choices: the Oval Berry Red Loun...
by Puppy Likes on Apr 21, 2011

Color Study: Black

Black is chic and simple and goes with nearly every other color…must be why I love it so. It’s versatile. And, when it comes to clothes, black is slimming (another reason to adore!). At home, however, I think the same rule applies – black minim...
by Decorating Picks on Apr 19, 2011

Color Study: Blue

When you see blue, you may think “boy,” but looking at the product choices above, that’s not necessarily true, is it? I think both little gal and little boy kitties will enjoy these toys and accessories. Kitty Playtime Kitty Ball Trap from Snif...
by KittyLikes on Apr 19, 2011

Color Study: Green

What better color to do a color study of for an eco-friendly blog than green? Take a look at this variety of actual green green products. I love the recycled motherboard box – wouldn’t this motherboard make a great gift for Mother’s Day? A litt...
by Modern Picks on Apr 18, 2011


Since Green is my favorite color, I am starting with that color. I do love the photo above with the green walls and blue/gray chairs in front of it. Cooler colors, but the idea could be that the colors be warmed or adjusted. Since my goal is to accom...
by Home Tropical on Jan 1, 2010

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