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New Music: Tink – Commitment

With her debut album ‘Think Tink‘ set to be released in 2017, Tink gives fans a new track titled “Commitment”. Also check out her new freestyle “MC Hammer”.
by New Hip Hop Music on Dec 10, 2016

15 Great Quotes on Commitment

The word commitment has been around a long time. Obviously, the idea of commitment has been around since the beginning of time.  Some have suggested the word commitment, as a noun, came into... More online at
by Jeff McLain on Oct 23, 2016

Common Courtesy and the Christian

I’ve blogged since December 2010! My blogging has become less consistent for several reasons. For one, I think I wrote …Continue reading →...
by Enough Light on Aug 22, 2016

DREAM INTERPRETATION: Redefine and re-evaluate your view of commitment [symbol: ex-husband]

Dear Aneta, I need your help in analyzing my dreams. I was divorced in 2012. I dated my husband for six years and my marriage lasted hardly six months. After six months we were separated and the legal separation took seven long years. Continue readi...
by The Mindful Word on Aug 18, 2016

Ladies : How To Know If He is Not Looking For Your Commitment

Dating is fun! That’s a given. But it tends to be more fun when you know that you are both into it and that it is going to lead somewhere special in the long-run. Often, women and men are on different pages when it comes to commitment matters. You...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Jul 25, 2016

Getting stuck with language

In my last post I talked about the ways in which humans learn to relate abstract concepts and experiences together (symbolic relations). I pointed out that we learn to take another person’s point of view as part of developing empathy, and that...
by Healthskills on Jul 24, 2016

Words are never enough – but does that stop us?

Pain may be said to follow pleasure as its shadow; but the misfortune is that in this particular case, the substance belongs to the shadow, the emptiness to its cause. CHARLES CALEB COLTON, Lacon I can bear any pain as long as it has meaning. HARUKI...
by Healthskills on Jul 17, 2016

US to Block Nigerias Looted Funds

The United States has pledged its commitment to Nigeria in its war against corruption, terrorism, militants and other issues. James Entwistle, the U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, has expressed his country’s readiness to stand hand in hand with Nigeria...
by Oh Zina on Jul 4, 2016

Values and why they matter in pain management

I’m away from my desk, visiting Auckland this week, so this post will not be in my usual format. Having time away allows me breathing space to think about things (even more than usual), and I’ve been thinking about values and their place...
by Healthskills on Jul 3, 2016

What is our goal in pain management?

One of the cool things about having worked in chronic pain management since the mid-1980’s is that I’ve seen a few things come and a few things go.  Some things remain, of course, and the things that seem most long-lived are debates abou...
by Healthskills on Jun 19, 2016

Focus, Belief, Trust – Trust The Process

What up it’s your boy the MotivationDoc it has been a hot minute since I last sent some gems your way and even to myself, we have to trust the process. I’m going to do the best I can and keep the good times rolling. So Saturday night the...
by Paul Scavella on May 30, 2016

DREAM INTERPRETATION: The discovery process and integration [symbols: parachutes, broken legs and healing]

I am at an exhibition of some sorts. I am with my husband and we are staying at a communal home for the few days of the exhibition. It feels like a few days, but it is, in fact where we live. The home is large and there are many people living there,...
by The Mindful Word on May 19, 2016

If You Really Love Someone, You’ll Never Stop Surrendering To Make It Work.

Love is a feeling and an action, it is not an anxiety-provoking drama. Before we share it, the commitment is to oneself first and foremost. Only then can we enter into an intimate relationship from a healthy, loving space. All relationships are dis...
by Much Ado About Something on Apr 11, 2016

Lowongan Kerja Montigo Resorts Seminyak Bali

Montigo Resorts, Seminyak is now open to provide accommodation for your stay in Bali. Our restaurant Tiigo is available to showcase mouthwatering cuisine, while Montigo Spa and Olo Kids Club look forward to welcoming you in mid-2016. As these areas o...
by Lowongan Kerja CPNS dan BUMN on Mar 3, 2016

The pathway to success

“Ambition and drive are the only way to thrive.” ~M   Photo credit:  fwmonline.netFiled under: Quotes, Uncategorized Tagged: ambition, challenge, commitment, creative writing, life, original quote, positivity, quote, success, thoughts, writ...
by Putting My Feet in the Dirt on Mar 2, 2016

HOW TO LOVE MINDFULLY: Just ask a dog!

The term “mindfulness” can seem confusing. Isn’t the point of meditation to get out of one’s mind? To move past the endless chatter of daytime […] Continue reading at The Mindful Word journal of engaged living [http://www.themindfulwor...
by The Mindful Word on Feb 29, 2016

Start a Long-Term Engagement With Your Job

Falling in love and being engaged with your work is an ideal image that few believe they can achieve, but doing so can make you feel fulfilled, appreciated, and challenged. The problem is, work is sometimes seen as an unavoidable necessity instead of...
by Movin' On Up on Feb 24, 2016

Tanzania: Public Officials Sign Integrity Document

Tanzania President John Magufuli’s newly appointed permanent secretaries have signed a “beefed up” integrity commitment document as part of a move to ensure seriousness towards rooting out... This is a content summary only. Visit www.cp-af...

The Curse Of Intelligence

Living in your head, ‘intellectually’ got it all figured out. You know what’s coming, because you get the nuances life has to offer….and know what each situation calls for in response. It’s not a fun way to live; there&...
by Much Ado About Something on Jan 3, 2016

The Top 5 Signs He Will Never Commit To You

The Top 5 Signs He Will Never Commit To You By Nick Bastion / Vixen Daily     A question I get all the time from women is, “How can I tell whether he’s going to commit to me?” It’s a tough question to struggle with – because most...
by The Fashionable Housewife on Dec 14, 2015

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