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My Next Order Of Business

I had a request to post these up here today, and honestly, I would have anyway since they are just great looking posters. As soon as I get my printer up and running I plan on hitting every light post, bus shelter and grocery store bulletin board in m...
by Toxicanadian on Sep 17, 2009

Time To Do Something About It

Today I received a small package in the mail that was sent to me from the BIG State of Texas. It is reported to be extremely helpful in the fight against chemtrails and other bad mojo. You add a small amount to about one litre (one quart) of water. I...
by Toxicanadian on Sep 15, 2009

More Dripping Chemtrail Pictures

Just a continuation of yesterday's post. We drove to another city after I took the shots from home and posted them, and the weird "clouds" were there too. I brought my camera along for the drive as I usually do. Here's another bunch of the same type...
by Toxicanadian on Aug 27, 2009

Dripping Chemtrails. WTF!?

I watched the chem-jets laying down their trails of poison today. Nothing new there, and there were lots, but that's also nothing new. Then I went back outside and saw this.As the crap dripped down out of those fake clouds, they (the clouds) shrank a...
by Toxicanadian on Aug 26, 2009

My Sky

Started off a clear blue, sunny day, and deteriorated to the final picture's gray haze.So what else is new!?Right-click to view full size images in a new tab/window.
by Toxicanadian on Aug 19, 2009

My Sky Today

A familiar title here now.It seems like I have less and less to say each time I come here to post my pics of the day. So, for what it's worth, here they are. They are today's, from the the time I watched one trail of chemshit being spewed, to the en...
by Toxicanadian on Aug 3, 2009

Chemtrails and Weather Warfare

Today I have something for those of you who refuse to believe anything until that damned glowing idiot-box tells you to believe it.The History Channel showed this. I'm not sure when, because I do not have a glowing idiot box. Gave them away years ago...
by Toxicanadian on Jul 25, 2009

PART TWO ~ Think Outside the Box. Work Outside the System.

Although we *did* get chem'd quite a bit today, I was busy elsewhere and didn't have time to take any pics.I am including some links to chembuster or cloud buster pictures and plans. You'll understand after you read the second part here. Seems I...
by Toxicanadian on Jun 4, 2009

PART ONE ~ Think Outside the Box. Work Outside the System.

Today I am just posting a few pics.Yes they are still spraying us with their chemshit. I am also posting a letter today, that came in three parts to a chemtrails yahoo group I belong to.Although the third part is very "Americanised" -- nothing wrong...
by Toxicanadian on Jun 3, 2009

My Sky Today and Some Interesting Links

I found this website the other day, and thought it worth linking up to here. Some interesting information and an intriguing theory on the who and why of it all regarding chemtrails.Chemtrails informationStop Chemtrails index The Great Dying--The rea...
by Toxicanadian on Apr 8, 2009


Two days in a row, two "chembows".Sun dogs appear when it's real cold, and are seen as a colourful ring around the sun. This one is way off to the right of the sun, not encircling it like the one I captured yesterday.The temperature today was nine de...
by Toxicanadian on Mar 29, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth hour is a fallacy. Or so some believe...Remember the power outage here? The northeast blackout on August 18 2003?? Do you know what HAARP is?
by Toxicanadian on Mar 28, 2009

Clear Day Gone Wrong

As is the way lately, when I woke up two days ago, on February 16th, the skies were crystal clear and of a deep shade of blue.I looked outside a few hours later, and it had begun:Right-click to open full image in new windowNot sure if I got this part...
by Toxicanadian on Feb 18, 2009

My Skies

Various Early Feb. pics:Right-click for full image in new tab/window~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feb. 9th, 2009:Here the skies are very overcast in some shots, and the trails are lower than the *real* clouds.
by Toxicanadian on Feb 10, 2009

My Skies, and a Vid to Make You Say "Oh Boy..."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Various Early Feb. pics:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feb. 9th, 2009:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
by Toxicanadian on Feb 10, 2009

My Sky Today

Can you say pasted?That's good,I knew you could!Right click any image to open full size in new window.I don't know about you, but when I was younger, I don't remember looking up at the clouds and seeing this wavy, crinkly pattern in them ev
by Toxicanadian on Jan 26, 2009

Mission Accomplished?

Mission accomplished: Globe enveloped in a radioactive, toxic chemical, heavy metal and nano particle-laden hazeThe "good"? news: Wireless toys and communications are "awesome," war is more lethal and airplanes are better able to hide
by Toxicanadian on Jan 12, 2009

Back To Posting With My Own Words

Today I was yacking back n forth with an msn buddy, who checks in here once in a while to see what's going on.It was put forth to me, that "hey, if you and your hubby are seriously suffering all these symptoms, why don'tcha sell your house
by Toxicanadian on Jan 9, 2009

My Sky Today

Just a few shots, but it was clear enough today to see that they're (obviously) still at it where we live. :(Right click any images on this page to open in a new window and view full size.
by Toxicanadian on Jan 8, 2009

Chemtrails and Morgellons Disease

Can you really believe chemtrails have anything to do with saving the planet or helping people?1/52/53/54/55/5...
by Toxicanadian on Jan 7, 2009

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