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Tattoo on your Wrist or a Necklace

Women like wearing jewels and ornaments to style themselves. They are more inclined to decorating their body than men are. Hence, you see most of the women with best tattooseven though it’s a small butterfly on the neck. There are many great ta...
by BEST TATTOO SITE on Dec 26, 2011

This type of tattoo is very popular in Western civilizations because a message can be placed on the body without most people knowing of its meaning. This is why you could say that Chinese symbol tattoos have become a sort of exotic expression. If a C...
by Tattoo new Fuup sub on Aug 4, 2011

Biker Tattoos – Points to Consider Before Getting Inked

Getting a tattoo to signify a specific trait, belief, or ideal is one way to appreciate art and the human body. Anything that is of value to the person who acquires a tattoo may be used as a design, just like the known tattoos for bikers. For those w...
by Free Tattoo Design on Feb 18, 2011

Animal Tattoo Designs

There are many reasons for choosing an animal as the theme of a tattoo. Some people see themselves in a certain animal. Others want to memorialize a beloved pet and be able to see them wherever they go. Whatever the reason, animal and pet tattoos are...
by Free Tattoo Design on Feb 15, 2011

Things To Consider About Arm Tattoo

The arms are the most popular area to put tattoos on men because in these areas they are clearly visible and appealing to the eye. For tattoo artists, the arms are the best place to place complex designs, since it generally gives a large work area. T...
by Free Tattoo Design on Feb 15, 2011

Back Tattoo Design – Where Are the Good, Quality Back Tattoos?

There is a lot of thought and consideration that goes into choosing the right tattoo back design. At least that’s the way it should be. There are two types of people who go about things the wrong way. The first person rushed their decision and...
by Free Tattoo Design on Feb 15, 2011

Angel Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

Did you ever see an angel tattoo design on someone walking down the street and not wonder what it means? A gorgeous delicate set of angel wings on the back? A beautiful little full angel on the shoulder? How about a portrait with wings surrounded by...
by Free Tattoo Design on Feb 13, 2011

Cool Tattoo Ideas

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting your first Tattoo or you have done it all before, but the biggest challenge is to come up with inspiration for cool tattoo ideas. The permanency of tattoos means you have to get it right first time...
by Free Tattoo Design on Feb 12, 2011

Cool Tattoo Ideas

. Here are some cool tattoo ideas that have a strong history of holding up well and not becoming part of some sort of trend, as well as newer design ideas which can be extremely cool. Be solid in your decision...
by tatoos on Jan 19, 2011

Cool Tattoo Ideas – Four Japanese Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to cool tattoo ideas you can’t get much cooler than Japanese. Japanese tattoos can be called irezumi or more correctly horimono and are often very colorful and highly detailed. Getting a good one pretty much guarantees kudos from...
by choose tattoo | free tattoo on Jan 9, 2011

Choosing Cool Tattoo Ideas

Choosing an image for a tattoo is more challenging than deciding whether or not you should even get a tattoo. That’s because a tattoo is an image that you will be living with for a very long time. It is important that you like your tattoo and t...
by Beauty Tattoo on Dec 15, 2010

Tribal Wings TattooTattoo

Tribal Wings TattooTribal Wings TattooTribal Wings TattooTribal Wings Tattoo...
by heady tattoo on Nov 25, 2010

Cool Tattoos

All photos of tattoos often mean that the meaning of the wearer wants to do is made up of one or more elements. Nice fit your personality and style, tattoo designs, but can easily find what you consider to go with a tattoo is to choose the elements.
by Tattoos Design on Nov 20, 2010

Cool Tattoo Ideas - Finding The Perfect Location For Your First Tattoo

Cool Tattoo IdeasAre you getting ready to get you first tattoo, and not sure of the location should be? Deciding where the location of your first tattoo is almost as difficult as choosing a tattoo studio and finding the perfect tattoo design. How...
by Mystique Tattoo on Nov 13, 2010

Cool Tattoo Ideas and Designs 2010

Here are some cool tattoo ideas you can't go wrong with. Consider these designs if you are interested in some cool tattoo ideas that you won't regret.Star Tattoos - The reason stars are cool tattoo ideas is because they have been around for so long a...
by CELEBRITY GALLERY on Oct 31, 2010

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