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Erica's Killer Ab Workout

My body constantly reminds me that I'm not in as good of shape as I think I am.  While shadowboxing at Loyola Park, my right side kept bothering me.  It didn't start doing that until after I arrived at the gym.  I decided not to spar.T...
by Boxing Mid-Life on Nov 23, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Easy Abs From Your Chair

As a busy blogger, I don’t always get a ton of time away from my chair. That does not give me an excuse to not get it a bit of exercise. I’m starting a new video series with exercise ideas you can do right at your desk. My first video fea...
by PersonalFitCoach on May 14, 2014

Now I Know Why She Won A Bronze Medal

My late younger sister's oldest daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  "How about Marlen Esparza's Power Boxing Workout?" I said.  It arrived in the mail today.  Normally, I watch an exercise DVD in its entirety first before a...
by Boxing Mid-Life on Dec 20, 2013

What are core exercises?

After reading the title, you might imagine what are core exercises. Well, you don’t really have to waste your time in thinking for what could be the possibility, rather read the article further and find [...]...
by Whatisall on Jan 12, 2013

Six-Pack Stomach Muscles – Step Three: The Oblique Muscles

The majority of folks target their energy to the abdominal muscles when trying to achieve the difficult six pack. This is great because the abdominals will have to be highly targeted to experience this specific desire however the oblique muscles are...

Healthy Workouts – Yes They Are Possible If You Do This

If you are like us, you have received advice that leads you down the wrong road in regard to physical fitness. Sometimes you will hear information from a personal trainer that is conflicting with information you read on the Internet. A fitness craze...

Posture, Among Other Things, Will Result with a More Vigorous Core

If we observe anybody, usually the elderly, stooped over and walking using measured steps, we usually believe that it’s the ravages of age that has put them in this ungainly position. We also believe that it might be permanent, and … Cont...
by My Journey to 100 on Jul 20, 2012

How to Stay Motivated for Fitness

You can find large numbers of women everywhere who are seeking fitness motivation that works for them. You can't turn on the TV or look in a magazine without seeing women with fit, toned bodies, and this influences us. We do not really want to let ev...

Getting Results from Waist Exercises: The Seven Day Challenge, Part I

I'm going to share a heretical truth with you: the average individual doesn't need to exercise to lose excess weight.
by Quick Weight Loss Diets on Mar 4, 2012

Slimming with Waist Exercises: The Bicycle Crunch

There are few ab exercises that exercise the full range of the mid-section, and the bicycle crunch is one. Since the movement involves both turning the torso and extending/retracting the legs the complete range of the abs is stressed in this exercise...
by Quick Weight Loss Diets on Feb 2, 2012

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